Business Source Complete Database

Business Source Complete Database

Business Source Complete database contains case studies, company profiles, industry reports, academic journals, and magazines related to business. Under the More menu, you can access company profiles and business images and videos.
The best method for searching in this database is to use the Advanced Search option. To
make sure you retrieve only viewable results, click the Full Text box before searching.
The Advanced Search has multiple search bars so you can enter more than one term at a time. Note that single terms or phrases, not sentences, work best in databases. The number of search results are shown before the list of articles. There are multiple ways in this database to narrow the results down. You can choose to view only articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals. You can also select results that are from a particular source type like magazines, newspapers, journals, or books. You can choose a publication date range by typing in the years or using the slider bar. This is helpful
to narrow to historic or current information. Notice that the number of search results was reduced by adjusting the date range. The source type of each article is represented by a graphic. Periodicals are another name for magazines in this database. To view an article, click on the title.
On the description page, you will find the citation information including title, author, and source information.
Subject Terms are standardized terms that describe the content of the article. This is a great place to find additional keywords and search terms. The abstract provides a summary of the article and can help you decide whether this article is relevant to your search. Full text options for articles can include HTML or PDF versions. PDFs are a scan of the original article and contain page numbers to help with in-text citations. To send yourself a copy of the article and the citation, click on the E-Mail link. From here, enter the name of your preferred email provider. Don’t forget to choose a citation style
as well. Just make sure to check the database-generated citations against an official guide for accuracy

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