Bombproof Shop Storage – Modular Miter Saw Station Base

Bombproof Shop Storage – Modular Miter Saw Station Base

Hey there, thank you for watching. If you want to build this too for your own
shop, I made plans available on my website. I have the top half available from the previous
build but I also added in a separate PDF for the bottom portion. And I’ve got to give a huge thanks to Purebond
for sponsoring this build. I did end up regretting getting the cheaper
sanded pine ply for the upper portion of the build. The pine work surface is pretty soft so it’s
gotten beaten up some. And the panels ended up sagging just a little
bit over the 3 foot span. The Purebond plywood is really what I should
have originally used for this build. Honestly it’s an affordable hardwood plywood
that is a lot stiffer than what I’ve used before and it has a harder surface. Plus their lumber is sourced and their sheets
are manufactured in North America with formaldehyde free glue. Subscribe if you’re new here, like, comment,
and I will see you next week.

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Bombproof Shop Storage – Modular Miter Saw Station Base

  1. Jackman Works says:

    Request a free sample of PureBond Plywood shipped directly to your door:
    Plywood used for this build: 3/4" | 1/2" | 1/4"

  2. Heath Knuckles says:

    Spot on! Nice t-shirt too. 🤣

  3. Graciela Lima says:

    projeto sensacional !! fera !!!

  4. The Wood Lab says:

    Solid miter saw station Paul! Glad you fit inside lol!! Enjoyed the music background. – Jim

  5. evilhippie11 says:

    that is the Shangrilah of Miter saw Stations

  6. Drew Keene says:

    Roll Tide!!

  7. Maik Kämpfer says:

    Awesome project!!! I really love your style to build things! It would like to do a #stickerswap with you. Greetings from germany 🇩🇪!

  8. Farmercl's Woodshop says:

    Thanks for the reply ref the Amazon slides.

  9. Kevin Vo says:

    Love your work bro, I’m new to this but love to learn more. I’m from north Caroline, where about in Carolina are u from?

  10. Антон Костарев says:

    И снова лайк из далёкой России! Молодчага!!!! (And again like from distant Russia! Molodchaga!!!!)

  11. Dmcummings48 says:

    Awesome build!

  12. watahyahknow says:

    like those vertical board to hang the tools on , think i will use it for my own toolbox , will hang wrenches ratchetsockets pliers and other stuff like that on it , should be eazier to find then digging through drawers

  13. David Hodge says:

    Dude so do you have to build a new Miter station every time you move?

  14. Lime 23 says:

    Epic build

  15. Josh Birkholz says:

    that drawer cinematography was really cool!

  16. Andres Mora M. says:

    Thanks Jack, mi dia no fue de los mejores pero tu trabajo, la musica y el video. Muchas Gracias

  17. Who Say says:

    You are the master of small spaces.

  18. John May says:

    nice job. Where did you get the corner clamps?

  19. Rick Leakey says:

    I think all life on earth will be gone, everything else will be dust, but this cabinet will still be standing and of use to someone or something.

  20. Danimal GB says:

    Looks good. Thanks for not wearing a kilt…

  21. Dagrin0707 says:

    I'm digging the modular setup!

  22. paul kelly says:

    Wow! Love the vertical storage, the miter station, the editing. Just wish my floor was that flat 🙂

  23. bsneeks says:

    What a beautiful workstation!

  24. mixail rusanovskiy says:

    of your

  25. Dean Winchell says:

    Schweet! It looks like you could roll it onto a flatbed when you up size on your next move.

  26. MIke The Wood Worker says:

    Just bought both plans. Starting build tomorrow.

  27. Norman Boyes says:

    There can be no doubt that it is bomb proof – – WOW!! Really well thought out design beautifully executed. That sort of project would be unaffordable here in the U.K. – how many full sheets did you use and what cost per sheet?

  28. David Piel says:

    I like that you don't talk so much like others. Easy to follow your workflow…. great!

  29. Eye Toldyoosso says:

    Do you miss your basement shop ?
    what time is it tomorrow when you have your second cup of coffee ?

  30. R Lo says:

    Your choice for music has been getting more melancholy lately… You doing alright man?

  31. paul burch says:

    Whoa!! very cool -best of the many dozens of cabinets I have seen

  32. Charles Deshler says:

    What a huge Blessing that would be to any serious woodshop. Well Done Man!

  33. david bauman says:

    Awesome work…u kept it simple…keep up d good videos n d awesome work…

  34. Millar Lambie says:

    You have the answer to my heap of power tools stacked on top of each other in a cupboard . Vertical slide out drawers comming up.You are an inspiration……My first comment….Keep chipping away…from.(Australia)

  35. Russell Ford says:

    Always enjoy watching your video's. Great workmanship. Love the logo's on your Drawer handles…

  36. Darrow for the Prosecution says:

    An IDEAL piece of construction for a place like…Afghanistan or Iraq where you never know when one of your local mujahideen woodworking buddies might drop in on you. Beautiful, but not practicable for the average DIY'er.

  37. KrycekDK says:

    Looks really good, wondering if I should make something similar (maybe even the same)
    The drill/screw bit combi, what is that called, or maybe a link to it?

  38. Richie Allen says:

    Like that your shop gear builds are designed with the thought of having to move to new location.

  39. Guaguau show says:

    Man, Man, ohh Man, Nice job!!! Take my money, every single man must have one storage like that.

  40. Elisa Parris says:


  41. Ricardo De La Cruz says:

    Hello all the way from Puerto Rico. Just to let you know the awesome projects and builds you have shown us. I have done quite a few projects but yet to have a space i can call a shop. Keep up this amazing journey. Share. Thanks.

  42. CFK RiverRunner says:

    that just might survive Prez Lil Finger's upcoming nuke war

  43. Brandon Keener says:

    Where can I find one of those countersink/screw driver combo? I’ve never seen that before

  44. christophe Ponsin says:

    super job comme d habitude !!!

  45. JTECH106 says:

    I love your work. Great job! What is the name of the song at 2:27? It's so calming.

  46. Gino Asci says:

    I don't know where or how you got the idea, but those vertical drawers are a great idea.
    That's a great setup you have there, really organized, and functional. It has it all. Nice job!

  47. Boris Shterhun says:

    Bravo, Bro, Bravo

  48. jon Q says:

    Damn man, that's a fine build. I love the vertical tool drawers the most… I am curious, why did you put the entire unit on casters? Is this so you can rearrange the shop in the future or so you can take it outside on a nice day?

  49. Agnes and Chris says:

    This looks amazing. How easy is it to move once it's fully loaded?

  50. Mike Petzold says:

    I want to build a table for my saw like that, what about dust collection?

  51. James Payne says:

    What is the name of that driver bit holder on your brown Makita? Looks like a sturdy piece of aluminum, better than the sliding collar dewalt ones I use anyway.

  52. jean-sébastien Begue says:

    Hi, i would like to know what is the tool u used at 2:40 to 2:43, like a speed change for your drill. I didn't know how to named that and if you can send me the link where you find it i will be grateful . Thanks for your answer. Love watching your video !

  53. JewDd* 89 says:

    I don’t want to be 🌽 corny but I also have to express how fascinated, impressed and thoroughly inspired and motivated to borrow from your original ideas and produce even something half as good as your work!!! I really hope you’re receiving credit for your completely unique and authentic ideas and workmanship!!! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing and I love the music!!! Pls don’t ever change your content to fit the standard 🤘🏽

  54. Labworks says:

    It's a shame that the plans are not available…

  55. Rui Torrao says:

    bravo !

  56. Сергей Тишков says:

    Как всё же заебись встретить не рукожопого и за пределами России, молодец, будь предан своему делу, трудись во благо, спасибо за бесподобные видео, в которые вложенно не мало сил, процветай…. ✌

  57. Lee Vacer fpv says:

    Love the vertical draws.
    Awesome build.
    Thanks for sharing

  58. Wagner Luís says:

    So beautiful…well done man!!!

  59. Steve Bailey says:

    Bombproof? I'll say! I'm building a Johnny Brooke outfeed / assembly table now and a mitre saw station is next up. You've inspired me. I'm a swimming pool contractor and I was taught by my Pop that strong is better than pretty. What I have learned is that strong can, and usually is, beautiful as well. Nice job!

  60. 波波盡 says:

    Fantastic 💪🏻👍🏻😇

  61. viacond says:

    очень очень классно 🙂

  62. 52wml says:

    Awesome build but I have to say I'm not a big fan of PureBond Plywood. I've tried it several times on various projects purchased from different retailers at different times and almost every sheet I used had voids and delamination issues. I know a lot of you use this stuff but I've never had much luck with it in terms of quality control and decided not to use it ever again. Has anyone else experienced with the PureBond I'd be curious to know?

  63. Chuck F says:

    Are you in the Detroit area? Them Red Wing drawer pulls I saw?

  64. Hazem Bata says:

    I dig it.

  65. Jonathan Reiss says:

    Great project. I am looking at organizing my shop and this was full of great ideas. What size is the new shop? I have an area that is 2 car garage wide and about 16 feet deep and right now it seems too small. Your shop looks like it is much smaller but looks like it works a lot better. Keep up the great projects.

  66. Steve Bailey says:

    I see the Red Wings pulls….is that a hat tip to — —–?

  67. SwankeyMonkey says:

    Syracuse? Alabama?
    Looks like another divided household. Awesome that you can work great together on incredible projects. Great job, and thanks for the video!

  68. Lee Jackson says:

    I really love this miter station. I want to build one so badly, however we may be down sizing and I need to be able to dismantle the unit (or at least move it to the moving truck. How hard will that be?

  69. Scorpius says:

    Outstanding Job 👍

  70. michael noviello says:

    Impressive work Sir

  71. Альберт Добрый татарин says:

    Отличный стол получился,молодец. Ставлю лайк.👍

  72. Paolo Vaglia says:


  73. Andrew Martin says:

    Good work mate

  74. james davis says:

    out of all the miter saw cabinets I seen this is the best one so far I like that .

  75. Jacob Corder says:

    Holy shit that is bad ass. I, good sir, will shamelessly steal your design

  76. Jacob Corder says:

    I'm not giving advice here, but have you used the lock miter bits before? I fricken love them for drawers. Sucks to set up but when running a bunch of boards through, it makes quick work of making drawers

  77. marcelo angel says:

    Excelente trabajo felicitaciones desde la plata buenos aires argentina

  78. Traveling Kaspers World says:

    I like the way you left the plywood edge showing.

  79. Степан Леонов says:

    How do you get to drill strictly perpendicular when connecting the walls of the boxes?

  80. ANTONIO FRANCO R. says:

    Buenas Noches Don Jackman Works, es usted muy ingenioso y muy limpio y preciso.
    Muchas Gracias por su aportación, también felicidades por hacer excelentes tomas muy profesionales.
    Que tenga usted y su amable Familia un excelente año y mucha prosperidad.
    Saludos desde la Ciudad de México.

    Pdta: Perdón por no escribir en su idioma, no tengo esa habilidad de memorizar lenguajes humanos!!

  81. Andrea Pellegrini says:

    wow y are top guys!

  82. Joe Marshall says:

    Go Orangemen! Nice job.

  83. Samii Glavnii says:


  84. Jk Canvas says:

    What countersink drill bits did you use?

  85. Александр Александров says:

    Огромное спасибо за видео и Вашу работу!

  86. Ian Vicedomini says:

    Awesome build. Just the kind of work station I could do with.

  87. Andrew Brown says:

    Hi Paul~! Great build~!! I've been planning to build my miter station in Jay Bates fashion, but now that I've seen yours, I'll be changing up a few things. Your vertical drawer storage looks great~! I also like the mobile aspect. That being said, with the combined weight of the piece itself and everything stored within, do the casters seem to be holding up well? Not that I would need to move it too often, but was wondering if they're holding the stationary weight well. Again, very nice video~!!

  88. Johan Rafael Dubon Garcia says:

    Simplemente bella algo que cualquiera quisiera tener en casa lo felicito

  89. Nano Rubio says:

    Where can I get those blue angle joiner

  90. MURR DOG says:

    Love the winged wheel door pulls, …being a "die hard" Detroit Red Wing fan…

  91. Anthony Wayne Daniell says:

    wow that is beautiful and it works.

  92. Lee Hague says:

    Bought plans. this will be the first (ish) piece in my new shop in Montana (besides an outfeed table made of sawhorses)

    Its hard to set up all over again after being in one place for years, strong work getting it done and keeping it modular.

  93. Why not now !!? says:

    Nice work👍👍👍

  94. My trash account says:

    glad you dont wear kilts


    My god man, that is genious, great job, well done. Greetings from Spain.

  96. JC. says:

    What creativity, I can't believe you have 65 thumbs down………Keep up the excellent work..

  97. Jason Jones says:

    Do your neighbors complain about noise?

    Also, I’m sorry you have to live with a Bama fan (from an Auburn fan).

  98. Tony Downing says:


  99. Tobi Ebel Deichwerkstatt says:

    awesome storage… you are one of the best makers on YouTube!
    Greatings from my shop channel,

  100. R4M Monkee says:

    When I went to the website to buy your plans, I got a dangerous malware warning from google?

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