BlockBurn – Listing on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2 months

BlockBurn – Listing on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2 months

In the next 2 months blockburn will be filled
immediately on 4 exchanges – it is chainx, by the way, on which the project has collected
$ 1 200 000 for 2 rounds of IEO, Lbank, hotbit and cointiger. The project is a crazy success.
Why? Let’s deal with it. It turns out that within BlockBurn, the player
can choose both the game arena and the game mode. As for the number of arenas, I will
not tell you now, since the game is still in the process of creation and many such moments
are not yet available for a large number of users. However, the number of game modes will
remain two. The first mode is considered free, where the player does not use their markers
to play. A plays in the so-called training mode with a specially designed AI bot. This
type of game is perfect for both beginners and for all those who want to improve their
character skills before the upcoming battle with a real enemy. The second mode of the game can be called
competitive, where you already have the opportunity to play with the same real player as you,
in the 1×1 or 2×2 format. But before your tournament starts, you determine the size
of the bet for the prize pool that the winner of this game will actually receive. It is
important to note that the minimum bet amount of one participant is equal to 1 internal
Burn coin and can be classified into 1.2, 5 or 10 Burn coins. However, I would like to draw your attention
to the fact that after the game, 20% of the collective bet will be transferred to the
General pool of the BlockBurn lottery. I think you will remember that at the beginning of
my article I mentioned that the development team wants to combine two actively developing
areas from the world of games within the framework of BlockBurn. Namely, from the mobile and
gambling direction. Well. Due to the ongoing BlockBurn tournaments between
players over and over again, the common pool will receive Burn coins, which will later
be played as a jackpot. Any participant of BlockBurn tournaments can potentially win
this jackpot, but there is a little bit of its own peculiarity. Since the developed algorithm
considers each of your coins on the wallet as one participant. Therefore, the more coins
you have stored or located at the time of the jackpot, the more chances you have to
win. I think you understand that. So let’s move on.

Daniel Ostrander

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9 thoughts on “BlockBurn – Listing on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2 months

  1. Anna Kim says:

    Проект сделали крупный анализ, по мне так проект отвечает за свои запросы

  2. Джессика Реббит says:

    Команда смогла четко продемонстрировать свое видение, в ICO это крутое решение проблемы

  3. Анна Полищук says:

    Меня зацепила идея, актуальная на данный момент. Вижу реальные иксы будут.

  4. Евгения Костенко says:

    Старт отличный, идея хорошая. Молодцы ребята, я вкладываюсь понемногу, еще помониторю.

  5. Анастасия Керн says:

    Проект быстро стал популярным из-за хороших решений

  6. Малика Чорная says:

    Все это кажется странным, стоит ли доверять, как по маслу написано

  7. Александр Михайлов says:

    Все слишком хорошо, аж сомнительно

  8. капитан фофан says:

    Проект требует неплохого анализа, есть кто может помочь с советами, какой первоначальный лучше вложить?

  9. Наталья Коломеец says:

    Проект быстро стал популярным из-за хороших решений

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