Black Friday Shoppers Spend Record-Breaking $7.6 Billion Online | TODAY

Black Friday Shoppers Spend Record-Breaking $7.6 Billion Online | TODAY

Daniel Ostrander

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16 thoughts on “Black Friday Shoppers Spend Record-Breaking $7.6 Billion Online | TODAY

  1. stacy skywatch says:

    how brain dead are these stupid mainstream zombies,, shopping idiots then they shout about climate change while ignoring the climate engineering of their sky infront of their dumb faces,, these morons are not humans they are a disgrace to the human race,,

  2. ko ko says:

    who bought something online? i did

  3. Sam 93 says:

    So one stole my credit card

  4. Lyricallynn says:

    Is everybody ready for the Rapture? Google the event if you never heard of it! You don't want to be left behind for the 7 year Tribulation!

  5. David Ellis says:

    I shopped local at Record Store Day ! Picked up exclusive Jeff Buckley , Cheap Trick , The Doors & Pretenders releases only available at " Ma & Pa " stores. 😎

  6. Gabby Davis says:

    I go to stores

  7. Viri V says:

    I rather stay home and shop online that day so I can spend more time with the family at home .

  8. Frank Willis says:

    A lot of people are shopping online to avoid the roaming groups of teens causing trouble in shopping centers and malls.

  9. Expert kays says:

    I don’t like Black Friday

  10. Listen Linda says:

    This is not true. This economy is not that healthy.

  11. Sam Martin says:

    To play a vital role during this international shopping extravaganza, Ivacy's Christmas VPN Deal will help you shop safely during this time of the year by keeping hackers and cybercriminals at bay. Get Ivacy for $1 per Month at 90% discount for 5 Years.

  12. Mike B says:

    You mean tax cuts did work?!?

  13. jm apple says:

    i love debt since my business is all about that interest off of debt lol

  14. Archibald Simone says:

    Thriving Economy Thank You President Trump. They may call it ORANGE 🍊 Friday next year

  15. Owleyes says:

    Enjoy your “record”. When tariffs hit next year it will be a record fall

  16. William Baksa says:

    And the spending push continues … Let's see the consumer debt index come January.

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