Barney’s First Time Looking At A Phone Book

Barney’s First Time Looking At A Phone Book

Hi. I’m Barney Sullivan-Vare and today I will be looking at a phone book! Like, this is my first time doing it, so it’s a little bit of a new experience. Um, but, I am not used to having a phone – I mean, I don’t have a phone – but, I’m not used to looking at phone books ’cause I don’t really have a phone (Barney laughs) but…yeah. So let’s move to the first page… “Say yellow to green.” Hmm. That’s really interesting. Keep it open (Barney makes prolonged crow noise) (Barney makes another prolonged crow noise) OK, let’s get to the point. Um… “At HIBU Incorporated, you can manage
to developing the – see, I’m not good at reading. That’s why I don’t read very often – I know I should practice my reading, but, you know. I’m not really into reading…um…
So, let’s flip to the White Pages because that’s where all the phone numbers are! No, too far. Do that one – that one goes… From Firehouse to whatever way you pronounce that. Graybill, maybe? Yeah, maybe. Uh-oh, we’re running short of time already. Ah, we can extend it a little bit more. So, I’m gonna read a phone number on here, and it’s gonna be really hard for me because I’m not used to hav- u-using phone numbers ’cause,
once again, I don’t have a phone. My mom doesn’t want me to. Speaking of my mom, my mom is Bella – I don’t have her with me right now, but maybe in…in one of our
upcoming videos, we will have Bella featured in the mo- in the…video, so
let’s get to the White Pages. (Barney laughs) so it looks like one of the phone
numbers is for… Grand Island Ferry Service, Inc. And 8016 Grand Island Road,
Munising. See, I don’t even know how I know that it
is Munising, but I do, so anyway, let’s go to the phone number –
wait, Munising is 49862, really? Wow.
Now, It looks like the phone number is 387-2600.
Oh, my gosh – I did it! It worked, right? Yep, I did it right. (Barney squeaks) Let’s rock it up! (Barney squeaks) Okay, Barney, calm down. Well, anyway, I’ve gotta go now. So, have a good day everybody, and I’ll see you soon!

Daniel Ostrander

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  1. Fake Truth says:

    He's 12 and doesn't have a phone????????????

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