Azure Active Directory Identity Governance

Azure Active Directory Identity Governance

The world we live in is hyper-connected, requiring organizations to
manage their digital identities with right processes and controls. As users of corporate resources
continue to expand beyond employees to vendors, contractors, and partners, It’s critical to manage and monitor your
users’ access efficiently and securely. Business insider breaches
and fraud are increasing and the need for governance goes
beyond financial consequences. Security incidents
have a human impact, calling into question
the trust of your brand. How do you protect, monitor,
and audit access to critical assets while ensuring employee productivity? Microsoft Azure AD Identity Governance helps you govern and control
access to applications and data across your cloud and on-premises
environment, without sacrificing usability. Keep threats at bay by
monitoring who has access to what and what they’re doing with that access. Effectively managing and
automating users and assets begins with the identity lifecycle. As a user joins, moves within,
or leaves an organization, their system identity and
resource access should adjust. Shape the access lifecycle
with tools like access reviews, to ensure the right people have access
to the right content at the right time. While it’s preferable to limit
access to sensitive information, some users require admin rights. Maintaining privileged access
lifecycles secures data while connecting employees
to the content they need. Keep up with emerging threats
by turning to a trusted partner. Protect your information with proper
identity and access management tools designed for the modern environment.

Daniel Ostrander

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