AWS: Reading File content from S3 on Lambda Trigger

AWS: Reading File content from S3 on Lambda Trigger

what is going on everyone and welcome to
the part 6 of the AWS lambda tutorial with Python in this tutorial I am going
to show you how to get the file name or the content of the file from the s3
bucket whenever the lambda gets triggered on
file drop and s3 bucket so if you remember then we have created an s3 –
trigger lambda function and one of the tutorial of setting an s3 bucket trigger
on lambda so if you have not watched that video please go ahead and watch it
or else you can create a lambda function on the fly and get started from here so
let’s go to the s3 – trigger lambda function so we have already set up an a3
bucket trigger on this lambda function and the previous tutorial so we have set
up an trigger on aws – lambda – trigger bucket so let’s get started and navigate
directly to the code window so here we will be using one library and that
is boto3 fortunately at a place lambda provides that library as an inbuilt
so all we need to go ahead and import that library that is boto3 so so
whenever the file gets dropped into the s3 bucket all the information comes with
an event to this lambda function so before going to the event let’s define
the s3 bucket object so that is s3 equal to boto3.client(“s3”) so this we will be using in
the later part of the code so let’s define it
so when we will get the event then only we will be executing the rest of the
code within the if condition so let’s define a file object so why I have to
defined event[“records”][0] that I will show you in a moment so in file object so event is basically
a dictionary so records is one of the key in that dictionary so we are
accessing the records key with the zero index of its values so in order to
get the file name so let’s define a filename equal to string of file_object of s3 so
s3 is again a key in a dictionary then key of object so our file name resides
and just in this path that is s3 of object key so let us again print out a file
name so don’t worry I will show you all the logs and I will try to explain that
how these things has been defined so once we we got the file name we need to
get the content I mean get the object of that file so here boto3 comes into
play so we will define file equal to a s3.get_object()
so two things we need to pass in this method
that is what is the I mean which is the s3 bucket and what file we need to
retrieve from there so we have an parenthesis bucket equal to so over lambda
function name that is aws – lambda – trigger and the second param is key and
that is file name so here we will get an object of the file name
whichever file is will get dropped into that s3 bucket now – to get the content
of the file now we had already got the object now we will retrieve the content
of this file let’s say file underscore content equal to file object of body dot
read dot decode as utf-8 and let’s print the file_content let’s go ahead and save this so let’s navigate to the s3 bucket
that is aws lambda trigger so I have one it is dot CSV file handy let’s go ahead and upload it now once
you have uploaded the file navigate to the cloud management console the s3 –
trigger lambda function so as you can see we lambda has been triggered let’s go ahead and click on the logs so as you can see here we have printed
out the event so this is how we get the data in events so we grab the as
you can see here on line number seven so we have to defined event of records of zero
so we are grabbing this records then in the values we have a list so we want
this from a event also so we are defining an event of records of zero so
we get this the specs ready then as you can see the filename that is iris dot
CSV as you can see here it is iris dot csv so the iris dot CSV resides
and this key s3 then object and key so as you can see here we have the defined
file object of s3 object key so here we get the file name and that is going down
into the s3 bucket but we have certain other things to see that size and
bucket name and various other things you can explore on your own so now we have
got the file name on line number nine then your on line number ten your
defined file object to get the object of that file from the desired bucket name
now to read the file of the content we are using file object so we are not
printing this file object so let’s go ahead and print and run it again so that
you can see that why we are defining the body it’s once again the file is successfully uploaded let’s
check for the new logs here and as you can see this you can you log here that’s
a refresher yeah so so this is the file object that we are just printed as you
can see a file space obj so here we have a body
defined here you can see so this is the botocore streaming body response so we
can read this response by simply applying the read method so on
line number 12 we are just grabbing that file of this of body and appending it
with dot read method and then decoding it as utf-8 when creating the file
content so here is the file content that sepal length sepal width around 140
rows so yeah this is how you can grab the file name from the s3 bucket and
read the content of the file on trigger I mean on drop of any file into the s3
bucket so this was all do let me know in case of any queries please comment below
thanks for watching stay tuned for more

Daniel Ostrander

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49 thoughts on “AWS: Reading File content from S3 on Lambda Trigger

  1. Durga S says:

    How to push these file name and content of file into another file(Another bucket)

  2. Remus K says:

    Hello, can we do this event trigger for ec2 instance, whenever there is a new ec2 instance spinning up can lambda function do the event triggering to get certain information from the instance examples like instance id, instance name, keys -pairs, tags. thanks

  3. RbN says:

    Great tutorial! many thanks

  4. diptiranjan pradhan says:

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  6. shristika yadav says:

    Hey, great video. Can you tell me how we can read this file content column wise?

  7. insanystalker26 says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. i'm really new in python field but didn't take me to much time to understand the code you use for this lambda function. But when i upload a new file to the bucket the function only works when the filename name is in string. Does not work when the file name is with spaces. Can anybody help me on this please?

  8. Suniti Jaiswal says:

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  9. kavya sudeep says:

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  13. Manas Kumar says:


    please suggest how to do this with node js ..Any reffrence will be appreciated

  14. aswathi nambiar says:

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  15. Shekhar S says:

    Hey Srce Cde, thanks for the videos.
    Do you have any python learning video series also, it will really help. Thanks again.

  16. Jabran Khan says:

    What a helpful tutorial, many thanks!

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    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/var/task/", line 11, in lambda_handler
    File "/var/runtime/botocore/", line 314, in _api_call
    return self._make_api_call(operation_name, kwargs)
    File "/var/runtime/botocore/", line 612, in _make_api_call
    raise error_class(parsed_response, operation_name)
    botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the GetObject operation: Access Denied

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  23. Manjunath S B says:

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  26. Raghwendra Singh says:


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  27. Srce Cde says:

    Hello guys,
    I'm planning to do a Python tutorial series in parallel to AWS tutorials. Is this something you will be interested in? Please let me know in comments.

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  29. Eduardo terradez says:

    Thx for the tutorial !!

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        file_obj = event['Records'][0]
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  33. sefirosto says:


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  38. Batta Vandana says:

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