AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service

Database migration
is complex and time-consuming. It often needs your database
to be down for days or even weeks, when no-one can use it. It takes lots of time and resources and even more when recoding
and converting data for a new type of database. But more on that later. And one error can mean
you have to start all over. There has to be a better way. A simpler, faster way. Introducing AWS
Database Migration Service. With just a few clicks
the migration starts while your original database
stays live. AWS DMS handles all the complexity. You even have the ability
to replicate back to your original database or replicate to other databases in different regions
or availability zones. Oh, and that heterogeneous
migration we talked about earlier? With the AWS Schema Conversion Tool migration assessment
and code conversion are taken care of for you. The source database schema
and code are converted to a format compatible with the target database. Any code that can’t be converted
is marked for manual conversion, and the migration is ready to go. As for cost, database migration
is usually quite expensive. However, with AWS that’s not the case. Using AWS Database Migration Service, you can migrate your databases
for as little as $3 per terabyte. Really! Start your database migration
today with AWS DMS!

Daniel Ostrander

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