Apple iTunes Instructions & Help : ID3 Tags & Song Metadata for iTunes

Apple iTunes Instructions & Help : ID3 Tags & Song Metadata for iTunes

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I’m speaking
to you on behalf of Expert Village. iTunes files use what called the ID3 tag. What the
ID3 tag is it’s a metadata container, which is basically just some extra information about
the MP3s. It usually contains information such as the title, the artist, the album,
the track number, and sometimes other information about the file. If you look at any given file
under the name of the track number and artist as I just said, this is how iTunes knows the
information. It makes it easier to search for tracks than searching based on file names.
When you download a track to your iPod or your iPhone, this is how you’re going to navigate
to the tracks. You can change this information by clicking on a track and then going up to
file and click get info, and then click on the info tab. You can change the name or the
artist or whatever. You can change any of the ID3 tags. Just go ahead and click okay.
There are also other programs that you can use to batch at these tags. My personal favorite
program is called Tigotago. It’s a free program and it allows you to batch edits, ID3 tags,
so you can arrange your MP3s very easily. If you’d like to know more about that program,
all you have to do is run a search on. That’s TIGOTAGO. Just put that in Google and you
can learn more about ID3 tags.

Daniel Ostrander

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7 thoughts on “Apple iTunes Instructions & Help : ID3 Tags & Song Metadata for iTunes

  1. xxShaunWhitexx says:

    For non purchased music can u put the explicit or clean bar that is next to the song u purchased from itunes

  2. rasharris15 says:

    do you know how to add the [Explicit] tag to music imported into itunes?

  3. skatrG32 says:

    What about sum songs that dnt let you change the artist

  4. skatrG32 says:

    I changed most of my songs with the Id3 tag but most of my songs wouldnt let me add the artist and other information I couldnt select the song name either

  5. skatrG32 says:

    Please inform me dude

  6. Kataphoria says:

    hey guys.. i was looking around and i found this reallii gud program to use.. type musicbrainz picard into google… its reallii easy to use and fast.. hope this helped 🙂

  7. Juliana Hepburn says:

    Use Tunesgo to Clean up all music automatically
    Step 1. Launch TunesGo
    Step 2. Select ITUNES LIBRARY > Music
    Step 3. Click "Clean Up" to clean up music in iTunes
    Click "Clean Up", then "Scan" to start the file scanning, after that, click "Fix" to finish the process. You can fix iTunes music Tags, missing covers, deplicate tracks and missing tracks by one click. (Note: Get screenshots for the comparison before and after cleaning up, the 4 different scenes' screenshots should be included.)
    Step 4. Succeed Cleaning Up iTunes.

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