APA Referencing – Webpage

APA Referencing – Webpage

Hello and welcome to UTS library’s
tutorial on referencing websites using the APA referencing style. In this video
we’ll cover how to reference a website and what to do if there is no author or
a date. To reference a website you need: the author or authors of the site, the year it was last updated, the title of the site, the format or type of page, the
address or URL of the page. After you have gathered all the information about your website it’s time to reference it. Start with the author’s surname, comma,
author’s first initial, full stop, author’s second initial, full stop. And then the year the site was last updated in brackets, full stop. Next the title of the website and then
a full stop. If the page you are referencing is a standalone page or
document such as an online report, put the title in italics, otherwise you do
not need to format the title. Then you put the format of the page in square
brackets, next put the words ‘Retrieved from’ followed by the address of the site. It can sometimes be difficult to determine who the author of a website is.
Sometimes the author is an organization or a company instead of an individual. If
there is no author at all you can replace the author with the title of the
page in the in-text citation and the reference list. For example, the reference
for this website would look like this. Many websites do not include information
about the date last updated on the page and you shouldn’t use the copyright date
at the bottom of the page. If there’s no date included use n.d. which
stands for no date. In this video, we covered how to reference a website and what to include if there are no authors or date. For more
information on the APA style visit the referencing pages or contact us using
the Ask a Librarian link on the library homepage.

Daniel Ostrander

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