Amazon FBA Private Label: EP13 – Scribbles: The Ultimate Amazon Listing Optimization Tool.

Warning the following podcast has been classified
as insanely lucrative listener discretion is advised boom you’re finished you can see
that that main keyword list is empty and you have used every single keyword your attention
please please listening to the am/pm podcast may cause recurring revenue streams and unfair
unfair advantages over your competitors other side effects may include fatter wallets fired
bosses and longer vacations listen at your own risk here’s your host seven-figure entrepreneur
and online marketing madman Manny Coats Manny Coats hello hello hello everybody and welcome
to the am/pm podcast my name is Manny Coats and I will be your host and this is the podcast
where we discuss generating recurring revenue 24 hours per day during the a.m. and the p.m.
as a matter of fact I was just dealing with hijackers and even while I was doing that
terrible horrible job I was making money how cool is that pretty cool I think all right
so how many of you have created a new product and you’re entering all your keywords on the
back end you have been working really hard on getting all these fantastic keywords into
your title you’re getting everything into your bullet points your descriptions look
awesome and then you read it you’re like maybe I should change this so you go back and you
change the title a little bit and you tweak it again probably five or six times if you’re
like me that’s what you do and you go back and you change the bullet points and the description
and the back end keywords and you’re shuffling keywords around because you just took them
out of the title so you got to add them in your bullet points and if you’re anything
like me then again you’ve probably forgotten which keywords were not re added and just
becomes a mess right the way the old way I used to do it was to have a spreadsheet with
all the keywords and as I was using them I would be taking them out putting them into
another field as used and putting things in order of importance that kind of thing so
that problem is now solved why is it solved because there’s a new product a new little
script you can use and it’s called Scribbles Scribbles s-c-r-i-b-b-l-e-s and you can get
it by going to the and then clicking on the tools tab and there it is
it’s free it’s free to use and I won’t get into the super technical details of it but
it basically is a super organizer for all your keywords so very quickly you just take
let’s say you’ve got 100 keywords or keyword phrases you paste that into the main keyword
area and then from there you can just start writing out your titles and your descriptions
your bullet points all all the various areas the back end keywords and then it will actually
subtract those key words that you type them out so that when you’re all done boom you’re
finished you you can see that that main keyword list is empty and you have used every single
keyword now again if you were or if you’re anything like me where you go back and you
change any of the keywords or you need the title or you change the title a little bit
or the bullet points whatever it is when you edit the title you might be removing keywords
or adding keywords that will automatically on the fly adjust the master keyword list
so it’ll put keywords back in it’ll take keywords out it just keeps track so when it’s all done
no matter how many times you’ve edited the various keyword fields that you’re using right
title bullet points and so forth it’ll always be accurate and you know with 100% certainty
when you’re done that you’ve used one hundred percent of your keywords voila it’s awesome
right so anyways for the price of zero dollars it’s a bargain so go check it out all you
have to do is be a subscriber to the am/pm podcast and you get it and it’s awesome for
everybody so look if you have even a little bit of compassion for your fellow amazon seller
you got some buddies then let them know about the tool I mean it’s a simple tool but it
saves a lot of time it saves a lot of hassle okay feel free to post a link to it I would
appreciate it I’m sure they would appreciate it if you’re part of a mastermind group or
any kind of group let people know there but that’s it man I wanted to keep this really
short wanted to let you know that Scribbles is now available it’s at the
website click on to tools and there it is I’ll also link to it in the show notes I use
it all the time i will be using it every time for every product that we use so that’s it
guys if you have any questions feel free to go through the website and leave me a voicemail
type out your question whatever you want to do and i’ll try to bring it onto the show
thanks take care bye bye you’ve been listening to the am/pm podcast hosted by Manny Coats
for more information insider tools and to get the resources mentioned in this episode

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