(Music) Windows Expert OK Let’s start All Windows Blue Screen Of Death Windows 1.0 (1985) Huh whoops, I make a wrong command Windows 2.0 1987 Wait what, I made again on Windows 2.0 like Windows 1.0 WAT DA HECK, IT SCROLLS DOWN, IT MADE BSOD NOW Windows 3.0 (1990) OK let’s use windows 3.0 NOOOOO, please it made BSOD on scroll down!!! Why?! Windows 3.1 (1992) Oh yeah let’s start it Oh shoot WAT DA HECK NOOOOOOOOOO aww please! It made BSOD! Why?! Windows NT 3.1 Yes Nooooo it made some error too much No please don’t be BSOD Windows NT 3.5 Started up Windows NT Server 3.5 Oh come on, why it made errors! Too much errors! Noooooo Blue screen of death wrecked my computer Windows NT 3.51 (1995) Windows is started, let’s use it WAT DA Nonononono c’mon why BSOD Windows 95 (1995) Oh yeah it boots up OMAIGAD IT MADES A ERROR TOO MUCH Nononono please don’t be bsod again Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (1996) Started up by outwitt WAT DA HACK NOOOOOOOOO ah please Windows 98 (1998) Boots up windows 98 Oh no NOOOOOOOOO Please Windows 2000 Professional (2000) It starting up Nooooo BSOD!! I Was almost there to start!!! Windows ME Milennium Edition (2000) I can run while startup Oh no da system is not responding Nonononono NOOOO Blue Screen OD Windows XP Professional (2001) Can boot up on windows xp Oh yes OMAIGAD WAT AM I DELETEING SYSTEM 32. WHY AM I IDIOT NOOOOOOO Please nooooo YOU ENDED MY SYSTEM DUDE Windows Server 2003 R2 (2003) Wait it booting up NOOOOOOOO My System32 is gone Microsoft codename Windows longhorn (Never Released) (2004) Wait it boot up Yes Oops NOOOOO Why it stopped system32 BSOD Windows Vista (2007) Booting Up Microsoft Corpotation OK Why is weird on my computer NOOOOOOO Please Noooooo Windows Server 2008 (2008) Windows is booting NOOOOOOOO MY COMPUTER IS BSOD NOOOOOOOOOO Aw Please Windows 7 (2009) Booting up my Windows 7 OK WAT DA HACK DA SYSTEM IS GONNA TO HAVE HOLIDAY NOOOOOOOOOOOO BSOD MY COMPUTER Windows Server 2012 (2012) Tried to use these Windows 8 Wait it booting up NOOOOOOOOO I HAVE TO FIX MY COMPUTER Windows 8 (2012) Wait it boots up Schooltime system Nonononono my computer windows 8 is BSOD Windows 8.1 (2013) Booting up Windows 8.1 Oh yeah WAT DA HACK IT NEEDS USE WINDOWS 10 NOOOOOO BSOD NOOO Windows 10 (2015) last one windows need to use it on 3 September 2015 OK let’s wait Great wallpaper OMAIGAD IT NOT START NO PLEASE NOOOOOOO BSOD NOOOOOO Windows Server 2016 (2016) Can use last one windows NOOOOOOOOOOO BSOD nooooo oh shit I need to fix my computer Windows Server 2019 (2018) I can use when i’m 10 years old Booting up windows server 2019 NOOOOOOOO Why BSOD i can use last one but BSOD I need to fix my windows Thanks for watching Please subscribe and hit the bell to turn on notifications and hit da like button when u use BSOD Windows Expert 2018

Daniel Ostrander

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    1:51 vaporwave

  2. Lisa Campbell says:

    : . (
    Your computer is ruined!

  3. Arthur Dreemurr says:

    You're computer is not allowed when it is school time
    ○ /

    Your mom hacked windows

  4. Nuty Zero says:

    "You are computer is weird"

  5. Wiktorek M says:

    my favrite was windows 7 cuz is my computer haves same years like me

  6. ÒWÓ says:

    3:59 your*

  7. MarcoTheEvilWizard says:

    I fear no man, but that thing…..

    it scares me.

  8. Umut Gok says:

    Windows Expert

  9. el chico ahre says:

    This Mí Is Green And For mentire Of one page

  10. anggalia wibasuri says:


  11. Rodrigo Fabian says:

    Your PC ran into a problem it couldn't handle, and now like this comment to restart.

  12. I eat Oatmeal says:

    I liked the "please upgrade this to windows 10" thing

  13. Gaming_YT says:

    i haved playing minecraft the windows 10 blue error and calm my windows its restardet and not haved problems

  14. Banto Daniel says:

    Windows 8/8.1/10 Have a Normal error but the rest have crazy error

  15. El Ken says:


    «change da world, my final message. Goodb ye.»

  16. Jiggolo! says:

    The BSOD doesnt make sound, why did you edit sound into it?

  17. Pankeyk says:

    What computers see on death

  18. GODZILLA II says:

    3:06 the epic intro and blue screen and error

  19. glowy is epic youtuber says:

    the windows xp bc it said u removed disc 32 ediot

  20. RubyPiec says:

    Windows 1.0: I have an e p i c Blue Screen of Death
    Windows 2.0 and 3.0: Hippity Hoppity your BSOD is my property

  21. Vincent Gamer says:

    You computer has habe a problem now you must delete system 32 and throw you computer to dust bin

    That when you have CTAC virus

  22. Vincent Gamer says:

    Its easy to make BSOD(Blue screen of death) start you windows your pc
    3.take off a system(sd card/mother board/cpu/RAM
    4.and BSOD running
    5.and BSOD say a software has been ejected or removed(windows 7)

    I has try it to my computer

  23. AARON BUCK says:

    1:45 Italian words

  24. M1co29 boii i hate last names says:

    My Win7 bluescreened when i installed CSGO on a very shit disk drive, i installed it onto D:// instead and it worked

  25. Rugysss Rugys says:

    Remember I have pc vista and was same 😭 𝓻𝓲𝓹

  26. Gaming with estube76 Essam Play Roblox RBLX GaMeR says:

    do you want bsod?
    (YES) bsod (NO)
    your computer Have VIRUSES and STEAL and reset your email

  27. Lisa Kettell says:

    You defeated system 32 IDIOT

  28. foca do dia says:

    Mine is windows 7.0 Starter,so oof.

  29. DavidYTP says:

    Every computer: there is a error in your computer
    1.0,2.0 and 3.0: ipyddyipltudutod¥€/$(!^**ultd*"^)lyid&%(€_₩$itdl'○<◇{○|◇>○|{¡●■{◇<⊙♧○<}♤》⊙■●{♧◇>□⊙<○{◇●■¡》⊙●>◇

  30. T Tesone says:


  31. SinzatoGodPlayer ꧁ϟ꧂ッ says:

    Windows failed …

  32. #FOENIX says:


  33. 김종국 says:

    My acadeny using Windows XP, Winows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 10 (2019)

  34. 10 says:

    The one that was never released

  35. Aurea Garcia says:

    Like or this will happen to u whether it has virus protection or not!

  36. Callista says:

    my brain when i’m in my exams.

  37. mother fcker says:

    even the blue screen looks better than the old graphic windows logo

  38. KazzyTV says:

    ○ /

  39. Pewdiepie series says:

    Windows he didnt do
    Windows server 2008 R2
    Windows Embedded Compact

  40. Катя охват says:

    У нас лежит жёсткий диск и когда я в комп ставила привился bsod

  41. Катя охват says:

    У нас лежит жёсткий диск и когда я в комп ставила привился bsod

  42. Энн Василиса says:

    App name?

  43. Cryxcop says:


    Do i look like an idiot to u???

  44. AshBunny says:

    3 erorrs= bsod

  45. no.mp4 シ says:

    change da world. my final message. goodb ye. 1:50

  46. mailen ajo says:


  47. Saksham Kumar says:

    Windows 8: "Your computer is not allowed when it's school time." (5:14)
    Windows 8.1: "Sorry it's time to upgrade to windows 1.0." (5:29)

  48. TimmyCedar1500 says:

    3:06 it's meme time

  49. Tiger Nahshal says:

    Windows 10

  50. Armando Espanol says:


  51. ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo says:

    Sound: beeeeeeeeeeep

  52. Realasaku says:

    Next up: All mac os bluescreens
    Content: none
    Me: uhhhhhhh

  53. Interdit says:

    Is the corrupted sound just for extra spooks?

  54. Jeremy Carey says:

    sever 2019 windows 2018

  55. Armando Espanol says:


  56. The Fish says:

    Where's windows 9? 😭😭

  57. Norma Moreira says:

    You deleted system 321 indiot i get angry for evry problene for evry problem if you did it

  58. NF Nation48 says:

    I kinda like the longhorn error sound.(pop up not bsod)

  59. sebas Gamer says:

    WINDOWS xp my favorit

  60. Klont #3642 says:

    there was too much blue screen beeps that my ipad Overheated And almost got a weird screen

  61. -Geeksparkelz - says:

    This video is terrible, no real blue screens at all.
    It isn't even that hard to get a virtual machine and do this for real, the fake error messages, same sound effects (bluescreens dont even have sound?) its terrible.

  62. Mati flash gato :D says:


  63. Tax Evader says:

    Hey Windows, you okay?

  64. xXMarkiGamerXx says:

    1:48 change da wolrd my final mensage. Good bay 🖥️📴

  65. xXMarkiGamerXx says:

    6:10 server 2019 (2018) ? :V

  66. Diama Zoiki says:

    Does windows 10 have a start up sound?

  67. RosieS Sly says:

    I liked vista

  68. Yuss Fx says:

    Change da world
    My final message
    Good bye 1:50

  69. Diane Maboloc says:

    🙁 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  70. SlewYT ヅ says:

    Yoooo 1:55😂😂😂

  71. zyan gaspar says:


  72. Anh tuan says:

    -_- 🙁

  73. Apple says:

    I just bought a blue screen of death windows xp shirt

  74. Ivan2007SP [ALT] says:

    4:28 i didn't see that beautiful windows 7 startup screen for over an year

  75. Vovan Vsv frozen says:

    Ты дебил зачем постоянно этот писк ставить

  76. Torkuma Ugbah says:

    what song is this

  77. deltaoficial says:



  78. iSaLaDi • GTYT says:

    what about windows 9?

  79. Armando Espanol says:


  80. Maxvador Maxvador says:

    Tell the windows company to stop the annoying sound on blue screen of death

  81. Maxvador Maxvador says:

    T H A T I S I T!!!!!!

  82. Maxvador Maxvador says:

    Windows company I will cancel the windows company

  83. mikayla mumby says:


  84. Gamer Boy says:

    Every Death till 3.1

  85. Armando Espanol says:

    3.0 💻

  86. Hello :3 says:

    Your computer is not allowed when it is school time.
    Me: but I’m homeschooled

  87. • Robot Freak• says:

    Most of these are edited. So, the messages and the sounds are pretty much fake.


    For the first three sorry….. I don't speak gaster

  89. CUBE MAN says:

    The bsod's following windows 7 are not necessarily bsod's, they can also happen if there is too much clutter or if a process is taking to much ram…

  90. PlasmaBattler says:

    1998, the year the death screen wasnt J29IOJFINUH8XJI1NUHIE9
    Windows Me Millenium edition: YOU DELETED SYSTEM 321 IDIOT!
    Well thats not nice windows
    Vista:Your computer is weird…
    Me: What did you do in my search history windows
    Windows 7: It look like your system have holiday now.
    Time to go to a tropical charger paradise
    Windows in 2012= Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart.
    Theres a normal one.
    Windows 8: Youre computer is not allowed when it is schooltime.


    First windows and upcoming until 1998: àķejojeodjeikdpwmxinepòhdwidjwodjWIj§ßjkemfiøpvhrm okies Phono9jewohjdjwbdidbxusjdnekndjd

  91. i use Arch btw says:

    My guy tux doesn't let that happen

  92. LaMonica Roberson says:

    OH no no bsod!!!!

  93. Gacha Queen says:

    O-O I’m soo afraid /-/ I thought it was my window

  94. EVER 957.000 says:

    3:54 that sound, that freaking sound :,)

  95. Ale 8games says:

    / O /


  96. Yostincito ಠ‿ಠ says:

    O /


    There kinda scary…

  98. Armando Espanol says:


  99. mikadaqueen says:

    When You Play Fortnite Too Much And Your Computer Crashes

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