Airbnb SEO Starter Guide  How Listing Rankings Work  Airbnb MBA

Airbnb SEO Starter Guide How Listing Rankings Work Airbnb MBA

let’s talk about search engine
optimization on Airbnb. understanding this will make you a better Airbnb host
and a little bit smarter I guarantee it so what is search engine optimization
well this phrase comes from search engines such as Google or Bing or Yahoo
when you have a website you want to optimize your presence to be at the very
front of the line if somebody searches for something. so if you search for pizza
in your local town you’ll see that there are sponsored ads where people have paid
to be in the front and then everybody below that they’ve found a way to earn
that placement as the first or second thing you see when you search for pizza
while Airbnb works the same way in a way you cannot pay for search engine
optimization you cannot pay for premium placement on the Airbnb platform which a
lot of people wish they could but you can but what you can do is make sure
that you check off every single box that Airbnb looks at in order to gain a good
SEO placement now there’s a few big ones that I’m going to cover there’s an
exhaustive list of things that are factors but what can you do now to take
action on your search engine optimization well first is quality of
photos Airbnb can actually see if your photos
are too dark or too bright if there are too low resolution like blurry or if
they’re not in the proper layout they want to see horizontal photos and
they want to see a good composition for your photo for your thumbnail especially
now Airbnb also looks at what we call boolean searches which a boolean is yes
or no is it or is it not so boolean searches do you have a pool or don’t you
people check those boxes and if you have a pool you pop-up if you don’t have a
pool you don’t that leads to total views if people see your listing and click on
it and view you how many views you get per month leads to more SEO placement
it’s just how Airbnb works so boolean searches make you more visible based on
whether or not you have something which allows you to get clicked more which
then allows you to have better SEO because you’ve been clicked more and
that thumbnail photo that looks really good in his horizontal probably helped
you get clicked on too so the way you do your title you know you kind of want to
capture the person’s attention with your title now this is an art form right
there’s there’s some things that you can do which we’ve talked about in this
channel but you really need to be able to be expressive and inviting with your
title as well additionally being a super host is now a big deal in 2017 and
before it was not but Airbnb did give super hosts an SEO boost naturally in a
they also have a separate reel if you are looking at homes and haven’t really
drilled down into the map version there is a stay with super host category and
you can scroll left and right and look at super host only listings even if you
didn’t select it super hosts also have a boolean search just like we talked about
before with the pool so super hosts help you get more views three different ways
organic boost and SEO a boolean switch and you get front page platform role
view which is pretty awesome another last major boost in SEO that you can get
right away is by being new if you have a new listing for the first three months
you get an SEO boost so take advantage of it while you’re new make sure you
perform well for those first three months because reviews is also a big one
and we’re going to talk about reviews another in another video so thank you
for watching err be be automated and I will see you on the other side you

Daniel Ostrander

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5 thoughts on “Airbnb SEO Starter Guide How Listing Rankings Work Airbnb MBA

  1. Claudine Pender says:

    Thank you, Sean! I have to work on my listing titles as I don't feel they are the best right now. But I have them for a while… Photos got better with time. First I used my own photos then got Iarbnb photographer 🙂

  2. Dejan Davidovich says:

    So, just as an FYI to the AirBB Family – now when you launch a new listing AirBB does not block the first 5 nights for new listings.

  3. Dejan Davidovich says:

    Sean does updating and refreshing listing calendar every morning help with SOE?
    SEO* as oposed to SOE – scope of excavation (work lingo)

  4. Charles Bloch says:

    Hey Sean ! I am adding a second listing . Will I get the SEO boost considering that my account has already a first listing ?

  5. Mattaniah Yip says:

    Technically you can pay via Airbnb Plus

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