Airbnb Hosting Tips: What Amenities Does My Listing Need?

Airbnb Hosting Tips: What Amenities Does My Listing Need?

This is Richard fertig with short-term
rental today we’re going to walk through some of the things that you
need in your short-term rental whether it be on Airbnb or any of the other
sites to make your guests feel at home and comfortable and safe so the first
things that are important to have in your home are really required by law and
it’s a safety thing so you should really limit your liability things like smoke
detectors carbon monoxide detectors a fire extinguisher that’s placed in an
obvious location as well as a first-aid kit in case somebody cuts themselves or
has an emergency you want to make these things readily available just so that
people feel comfortable the final thing I would recommend is a safety contact
card include the name and address of the local hospital as well as your contact
information and maybe even a backup so now we’re going to talk about the bare
necessities that you must have in your home in order to rent it out and after
this section we’re going to actually talk about some of the value-added
amenities that I think will differentiate your listing from others
so of course you have to have a bed and a bathroom and the cleaner the better
you need to have temperature control thermostatic control for people to turn
on heat and air conditioning to their desired level and finally you need Wi-Fi
the faster the better try not to save money on the Wi-Fi make
that a competitive advantage I recommend the highest quality linens you can
possibly afford more you spend on the bedding the more people are going to
appreciate it and they will in fact recognize it nothing grosses people out
more than a dirty bathroom so make it spotless and then stock it with really
nice high-end soap conditioner shampoo and the life because just like when you
go to a nice hotel and you see these little products you think more highly of
your experience that’s what you want to do in terms of hospitality in your own
home make sure you spend as much money as you possibly can afford on the towels
get hand towels face towels bath mats what I actually do a little trick that I
do is I get my towels custom embroidered with the name of my property doesn’t
cost very much it’s a couple of dollars but getting the name engraved on the
towels is just a really high-end touch when we talk about the armoire or the
closet if you can afford to go out and get some nice wood hangers and some
dress hangers and some skirt hangers you also need a coffee maker and here’s a
little expert tip make sure that you get a
metal cone drip filter or have enough paper filters so that your guests never
have a problem with making coffee finally I think it’s a great idea to
have cable TV it costs a lot of money but I think that sporting events in
particular are really important to a lot of guests let’s talk about some special
things that you can do that are really easy and not that expensive that will
make your guests feel really welcome and almost as if they’re in their own home
one of the things that I love is smart television technology the prices have
really come down it’s not very expensive this allows guests to check in on their
own netflix account Hulu HBO GO another thing that I really like to do has
include a washer and a dryer and make sure that you put the detergent and the
dryer sheets out that way they can keep clean and fresh we all know that you
have a million devices when you travel and running extension cords and moving
furniture is a pain in the butt I use bricks wherever possible and I put
multiple of them they include USB ports that way a million devices can be
charged perpetually people are using their technology the way they want and
recharging them is easy and efficient we do a 24-hour check-in you can either use
smart technology which we’ll be reviewing later or even just a dumb
lockbox where you give them a code and they can get the key out you’re not up
all night waiting for them and they’re able to get in on their own schedule
the final expert tip is something that we’re actually going to review in a
future episode I recommend using a Sonos Bluetooth speaker system allowing your
guests to use their iPhone or smartphone technology to listen to their again
their own Pandora or Rhapsody account again one of the key things in making
somebody feel at home is to give them all the tools that they would have at
home if you found this video helpful and I hope you did please subscribe to our
YouTube channel short term rental secrets comm for additional content
thanks so much for your time and your interest and happy hosting

Daniel Ostrander

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28 thoughts on “Airbnb Hosting Tips: What Amenities Does My Listing Need?

  1. huggeebear says:

    This is a good one 🙂

  2. cadija traoré says:

    hi. love your channel. very helpful. one question: where did you get that AIRBNB keychain shown between minute 3:22 – 3:25?

  3. barbara bartram says:

    HI I have a suite apartment with everything that you mention in your video, I take great pride in the cleanliness of the apartment and equipped with all the guests need have a pleasant stay. My last guest rented my apartment for two weeks and they were 3 persons I left 6 toilet paper and by the end of the week, one of the guests ask me for more obviously I gave her more (2 more) and three days later she asks for more toilet paper. Do I have to provide the toilerate items for the whole stay?? they did heir own groceries and the apartment is totally separated from the house. I don't ever remember asking for anything in any Airbnb. Thanks for all your videos!!!

  4. Neeru Sehgal says:

    Is there a smart lock you recommend also what are your thoughts on virtualKEY

  5. libertopian says:

    Brilliant video, thank you

  6. ozzy ordo says:

    for all the items you are including in your rental, i hope you are getting top dollar for it……it seems there is an infinite things to provide to tenants……and the more you give the more they want……..

  7. De' says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

  8. Justin Newbury says:

    How many towels should you provide per guest?

  9. Sarah Falk says:

    Where do you get your cleaning supplies & amenities? I've been using and maybe you know of other sites?

  10. Niel Airbnb says:

    Regístrate en Airbnb y consigue 25€ de descuento en tu primera aventura. Aquí tienes mi enlace de invitación:

  11. lprochon2003 says:

    in the bathroom, we also offer VARIOUS HAND, BODY, FOOT CREAMS. Even perfumes for men and women, and beard oil for me, shaving cream, etc. A little spa/ VERY APPRECIATED. Almost every guest mentions "details" and "amenities". We also offer mud masks ($1 a pack and most of the times guests don't use them, but they notice them). Bottle of wine, a baguette, homemade jam and butter for when they arrive. We have been Superhosts 39 months in a row, and after 187 reviews, 5-stars.

  12. 2445 Ego says:

    These are great tips! Just to have in my home everyday xo

  13. Aida Munoz says:

    Excellent tips. You must be 5*. Totally agree that you must use top notch linens.

  14. northhill35 says:

    Hi Richard
    Last time I got your permission and translate a video. The viewers found it very useful and informative and want to see more videos!
    Can I ask for your permission to add Chinese subtitles and repost this video and share it? Full credit will be given with the name "STR University" and the link.
    Also I noticed that I cannot upload cc subtitles to your video. I'm happy to provide the file upon your request. 🙂
    Thank you so much!

  15. Chris D 'Onofrio says:

    I'm working towards my first STR. Im considering placing a charity collection box for any spare change after their trip. Do you think this is a good idea?

  16. Finders Not Keepers says:

    Love your content! Do you happen to have any videos regarding what is expected from a host regarding breakfast? So when a host offers breakfast, what exactly does that mean? What is the expectation? New host here….have four bookings and looking to make sure I deliver the best most cost effective experience. Thanks.


    Hello I want to stars working on airbnb but i do not have experiance . I have 10 apartment and I have to know how many housekeeper, doormen i need? (One manejer who will meet the guests) is one enough? I need to know all details about hosting. So can you give me some advice?

  18. Janet Palmtag says:

    A clean bathroom: All Airbnb properties need the TUBTOOL. It cleans tubs, showers, counters, and fixtures. Order (all one word) TUBTOOL on Amazon to simplify your bathroom cleaning. You'll love it!

  19. Andy Fitness says:

    I personally am building two small camps behind my house that I would prefer not to have power or internet. Should I plan to add power and internet if I want to be an Airbnb host?

  20. Rahmat Ramadhan says:

    Hi. I love everything that you shared on Youtube. it helps me a lot. May I ask for something ? Could you please send me your information template like in minutes 0:35 on my email [email protected] . It really means to me. Thanks.

  21. Mark Cody says:

    Sadly, I actually had a guest unplug and steal my Apple TV… so I don’t think I will be adding Sonos speakers.

    Curious to know your thoughts on outdoor video surveillance like a Ring Doorbell. Does this make a guest feel uncomfortable knowing you can observe them when they enter or leave?

    It’s obviously very common to have video surveillance in a hotel and can add to a feeling of security. Your thoughts?

  22. Sandy says:

    Here is the link to join Airbnb. Click here👉👉👉👉👉

    It also tells you how much you could earn in your region per month! 😉

  23. BloomingAnyway TV says:

    EXCELLENT TIPS! New subscriber here!

  24. M Khan says:

    Please restock your items on your website. Most items out of stock

  25. EhT German says:

    Thanks for the bed tip! Took your advice and just got one! Because apparently sleeping on the hardwood gives you 1 star reviews 🤦🏿‍♀️

  26. lostintime86 says:

    That's just a crazy amount of money to spend. Guess I won't be doing this. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  27. Edy Rovelo says:

    Thank you Richard

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    Good morning richard.hi I'm vernon a land lord .727 520 3932.i need help

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