Advanced Computing Science – Life as a UEA Postgraduate Student – Greg

Advanced Computing Science – Life as a UEA Postgraduate Student – Greg

My name is Greg and I’m studying an
MSc in Advanced Computer Science. I’ve always had an interest in
computing science since I was young,
and I was always unsure about it as a
career when I was younger. I ended up working, studying civil
engineering originally, and I’ve been doing civil engineering
for about 10 years. But, I’ve always had
this kind of interest in computer science in the
background, and I’ve kind of decided now that I want to take that forward, and do it as a
career, so this is the first step. First of all I live in Norwich I’ve been living
here for about seven years, and I’m a big fan of the city actually I
never thought I’d end up in East Anglia. Since I’ve been here I’ve really enjoyed it,
and I really like the place. So being able to study here as well was a
big convenience. It wasn’t the main reason I chose it I was
interested more in the course, and the content, and the quality of the teaching. Yeah I think for the course for me, the big
thing is about how immersive it is. I was unsure about whether
to go full-time and do a master’s, or try and studying on my own alongside work. The great thing about doing the course is
that, I’m coding every day and I’m really
involved in it. You know every single day on doing
something on the course and that’s just kind of accelerating how much I’ve learnt. The course covers a wide range of topics
and specialisations as well, so one of the modules have done is
artificial intelligence and we do a lot of programming in
Prolog. I’m doing audio visual processing which I
really enjoy, we use MATLAB for that, there’s a lot of facilities for using MATLAB
as well. So most of the the modules have their
own specialist software that’s available for use, and a lot of it you can actually download
yourself there’s a license for you to be
able to install on your own computer as well, which I find very useful to do a lot of my
studying at home as well. One of the big draws to computer science
for me is the fact that you can go into any job, any industry, and you’ve got the potential
to kind of innovate. You know you’re on the cutting edge of
technology, so the potential is almost unlimited. So I really don’t know to be honest, but
what I want to be doing is kind of innovating, and trying to develop new technology and
that kind thing. So whether that’s in a university doing
research, or in a company doing research, or maybe I don’t know for my own
company perhaps. Always that kind of innovation is what
motivates me. Certainly if you’re thinking about making
the career change, I’d absolutely go for it. I’ve been ten weeks here, and kind of ten
weeks into the new journey and I’ve been you know
really pleased with how it’s gone so far. I feel like I’ve learned so much and
I’ve I say I’ve managed to kind of be in the right place academically and learn
so you know just go for it I think.

Daniel Ostrander

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