What is the cost of this bike? Price? Bye Shanice see you in Mumbai Bye Mehul Please Die I will keep the Ninja. He will keep the Ninja. Bye take care safe flight yes… Bye Mehul see you And mehul and shanice went for the airport Mehul and Shanice will going by flight We will going by Motorcycle, so let’s get ready? yes. we still have lot of thing’s to prepare. Who will pay the money to the hotel? Coolant level Check✅ Oil level check✅ Ashish Air is little bit less but no need to worry. tyre will heat up. Tyre will heat up. so it’s 10:22 in the morning and we are all set to leave for Mumbai let see should be go to Bhopal, Indore and Mumbai. Our aim is to go to Mumbai if there will be no problem. Weather is good their is no fog in-fact its quite warm. right? today its not that cold.
no not that much. Aashish is saying hurry up, why you wearing helmet.
lets leave now. Is your sena charged?
yes it is. sure it is? then don’t say later nikhil can you wait i want to charge my Sena. This should not happen. So we was staying in Hotel Ishanika nice hotel Bajrang bali ki jai See if air is proper in my tyre. where to go?
right. right ? how we will go? its a no entry. lts ok lets go. its a service road. car is coming wait. They are constructing a big stadium in Lucknow right? yes. Because the weight on the right side is little heavy. so the bike is going on the right side automatically because of the more weight on the right side. also the right panniers is more out compare to the left and also the weight of the exhaust . its not really safe but its not that unsafe because i rode it. but now here i don’t have mehul’s bag to balance the even and odd.
and my drone bag is safely mount now. now there Is no load on panniers, no need to worry. Check my Tyre air pressure.
Its ok let it be. ok lets go. We have the machine if its needed we will fill it. wait for seconds let me fix this first. now this is safe and secure. Where are you ?
just ahead of you. ok Now and in Jhansi we will …
look at your left as well. and now are crossing now… oh brother. Welcome to the Kanpur Agman. For what the kanpur is famous for ? From here the road will be smooth. What is the Price of this bike? Price? Its for 15Lac. We are on that same road now we will go non stop. now this is a tank to tank ride means when the bikes fuel is low we refill it and ride.again if its low we will refill it and ride. for now we took a break because our energy is low. For us there will be total 2 stops, 1 is now and the second will be at Bhopal or will be at Indore. For bike Fuel there will total 5 stops. 2 stops we already took, and 3 stops remaining. 3rd will be vidisha and 4th will be in Indore. and the last will be 200 km before Mumbai parle G biscuit and lemonade Good combination.
If we enter in day time we will be in trouble and lets show some courage. you will not get the traffic at night. I just have to bare the cold of Indore and nothing.
Yes. now shanice called me from Mumbai she just landed she was like its too hot in Mumbai around 30 degree just think 30 degrees so it will be good if we reach at night So when we enter Mumbai climate it will be cold. so now from here 150 km is a single lane road Bad Luck Bad luck.
if we cross the first 40km of village. what is the name of that village? we get some problem at Veena because it’s very populated area once we cross that than there will be no more problem it will be the same road like this. and here is our first railway crossing. and after this Veena city will come and after veena city the railway crossing which will come. Nikhil!, yes. In the vlog it looks like you are riding slow. It looks slow in vlog ok.
in reality you are too fast. no i am riding normally. how much speed you maintained here.
50kmph. 50kmph did you felt like that? No. I like his voice. so the subscriber whom i met now, i like his voice. very good voice, very very how should i say?
very very Appealing ? very appealing voice. oh no my map is closed now The Sun God is still out its a good thing, now we just have problem for 70km than the Bhopal Indore Highway will come. and then there is no tension.
Sun God Please keep your sunshine for some more time. he is sponsoring i think. what are you eating? It is something like pattice. you were hungry right.
What happen to your voice. he got sore throat and he is eating pattice. you should have tea. yes i have ordered already. Ride is going Smooth only before bhopal there is a 30km patch which were irritating us so much. every one turned on their high beam i mean it was blinding us. The whole ride was one side and that 30km patch was on the other side.
now we are on Bhopal – Indore highway. from here the roads are smooth.
from here there is no tension and after crossing Indore there is no tension at all now i will have 2 or 3 cups tea then i will sit on my bike and we will ride directly for home. Now we have removed the plastic and now it will show it real brightness. Lots of people says it blinds people from other side of the road. but I dont use it every time when we stopped our we were vibrating like this. Because continuously we were riding 310km? how much ? 320. 320 KM we rode nonstop and there as so many speed breakers and we were going over it.
and when we removed our helmet we were like this I put my on side stand, i was feeling like bike will fall. because was not able to calculate that you are stopped or you are riding. and see our condition now when we will be dreaming, we will like this we are riding but the bike is performing absolutely brilliant both Versys and the Tiger. we are feeling sleepy little bit because we are use to sleeping early
till 12AM and what is the time right now? Its 1:26 in the night.
and on this highway this route doesn’t feels like its completing. we are riding and riding and its not ending. with my rules and discipline its very difficult to ride but he did it and our condition is so bad right now its on different level, means we are still shivering and vibrating like this. two things were in our favor
one sunset was late, and second it was not that cold. which was 12 degrees last time on same Indore – Bhopal highway today it was 18 degrees so below 17 degree it wasn’t anywhere. and still i don’t know why i am shouting? i have sore throat, i dont have to shout now but in helmet i was shouting and abusing to the trucks and all and Oh My God after bhiwandi there were so many trucks so many trucks it feels so good to be at home and sleeping on our bed eating home cooked food and than back to work. I made it with so much love and dedication I notice one thing here they are not into earning money you know they close everything at
8 PM, they are very satisfied with there life. they will close properly then wake up early and do there work no tension at all, living their Life. for us Living our Life means money money money, money, money we want money from here from there take the bike, take the car, take the home. here its nothing like that here they chill, takes God’d blessings and be Happy.

Daniel Ostrander

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