8 Secret DOS Commands With Examples

welcome back to the adventure this is
Adam and today we’re talking about super secret commands for DOS these are
commands that Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about and I’m gonna spill the
beans right after this let’s start with a quick example as discussed previously
if you type in a command like ver followed by slash question mark you’ll
get a description of the command like so this may show the command syntax and any
switches that are available however this does not display all of the switches
dirty pool as we see here ver does not have a parameter however if you type in
verse /r you get some additional information about the version of das we
now see the revision and that dose is in the low memory area this could be useful
if you need to verify if das is loaded high or not Minnie dos commands have
secret switches there are a few possible reasons for this if the help switch
output needs to scroll it would be hard to read making it less user-friendly you
would have to use the pipe symbol with the more descriptor to read the output
one page at a time if you need to scroll back up and check the syntax you would
have to type the command again there are some switches we will cover that will
make it easier to accidentally delete files or it could otherwise change the
normal function of the command this may also be why there secret we have another
innocuous switch this one is for the copy command it’s more of a parameter
than a switch but it’s still super secret so I’m including it in this video adding a period after the copy command
means the same thing as typing asterisk after ik well this is documented for
other commands it’s not a listed switch or syntax for the copy command
similarly typing a comma after the der command will display all files even
hidden ones if you are interested in learning more about changing file
attributes here’s a card next we have F disk this sounds like something you
might say in frustration when setting up a PC but it’s a tool used to partition
the hard drive as we see here there are no listed switches in the help file for
F disk however there are several available starting with status this will
output a screen similar to option 4 for partition information but includes
extended partitions as well then we have slash MBR which I will not execute here
it writes a new Master Boot Record to the drive using the switch can cause
problems with boot loaders but may fix boot sector viruses this is one secret
that can cause data loss so proceed with caution we also have a switch here for
creating a partition of a specific size without going into F disk the syntax is
f disk followed by the drive number which in this case is 1 then slash PRI
for primary and a colon then the size of the partition we would like to create
2048 is a 2gig partition earlier I mentioned changing the normal function
of a command we can do that with command comm itself say you go to copy files to
a floppy but there’s no disc in the drive you will get an error like this let’s type in commands comm /f now that
we have the /f switch active let’s see what happens when we try copying the
files again as you’ll see instead of having to press the F key each time we
are prompted to abort retry or fail it just assumes fail each time this is
really helpful if you’re like me and never remember to put a disc in the
drive before copying files last but not least let’s go into our config dot Sue’s
file here we have DOS equals hi we can add a question mark before the equals
sign that way we will be prompted if we want to load dass hi every time the
computer starts this may be useful if you are working with windows 2.0 because
loading das in the high memory area may cause problems with the operating system
loading EMM 386 also has a super secret switch some systems hang when EMM 386
starts a detection process for the presence of a token ring network adapter
the switch no TR or no token ring will disable the detection process of course
do not use the switch if you plan on setting up a token ring network that is
all the super secret beans that I have for today don’t forget to subscribe for
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Daniel Ostrander

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