2019 DESCRIPTION TIPS for Airbnb & VRBO {Listing Audit}

With your vacation rental listing, the first
part that you really need to do is get the potential guest to click on your listing. Now, once you’ve gotten past that, the job
of the listing is to convert that potential guest into a booking. Is your description going to help or hurt
that process? Today’s video will walk you through that. Hey, there. I’m Heidi, and I’m a marketing strategist
for vacation rental owners. For easy tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe
to this channel because I post new videos every Tuesday. As I mention previously, half the battle really
is getting that click. There’s a lot of competition in the listing
feed, so getting them to click on your profile is really half the battle. Now once you’ve got them there, you don’t
want to lost them to another listing. You really want to make sure that your listing
is set up to convert them, and your description is what’s really going to help sell the property
and really finish out the process, the decision process for them. What I’ll do in this video is walk through
a real-life listing and do an audit on the listing so that you can see how I implement
my process with a real-life listing. If you didn’t see last week’s video, I use
the same exact listing to audit the headline, and now, I’m going to do her description. Also, I did a full tutorial on how to update
your description. I will link that right here, and you can check
out that video for the full tutorial and all my tips and steps on how to update your description,
and then this video is really putting it in action. Let’s get started. We are going to do a real-life listing audit
for the description. If you saw last week’s video, this is the
same listing that I audited the headline, and now we’re moving on to the description. The first thing I notice is that the sub-headline,
which this is on VRBO, is not fully utilizing this space. This should be an extension of the headline. You should continue to really point out the
amenities. You don’t want to repeat information like
this that is already available just above that. Use this space to the maximum benefit by really
highlighting more amenities and what is special about the home. Then moving into the description, you can
see that this is not very easy to read. It’s all one, big paragraph, and it’s not
very digestible. The first thing I did was I copy and pasted
this text into a blank document. I really did very little copywriting. I just took that exact verbiage, and I moved
things around and I broke things up to just make that same exact text more readable, digestible,
and skimmable. I start off with a quick little intro of why
you will love the place, and then instantly hit what you will love, I put four bullets
here. I suggest about three to five. You really just want to hit right off the
top what is so special about this home because you may only have about 10-15 seconds to sell
yourself before they jump to the other listings. Make sure that you front-load your description
with the best information, and then move into the home tour. In this case, I broke it up by bedroom, living
area, kitchen, outdoor space, and dock. Those are the main areas of the home. This way, if someone’s looking for very specific
information about one part of the home, they can easily find the section that goes into
more detail. Again, this just took what was already there. I took about 20 minutes to reformat it, and
the outcome is that you have something that is going to have a much better chance of conversion
because the information is laid out in a way that you can find what you’re looking for
and really understand right up at the beginning what is so great about the home itself. Well, I hope that was helpful. Thank you so much for watching. Again, if you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure
to do that. I post new videos every Tuesday. Also, let me know in the comments if you like
these audits and you want me to do more of them. Thank you. I’ll see you next week.

Daniel Ostrander

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