2018 Was the Fourth Hottest Year on Record

2018 Was the Fourth Hottest Year on Record

2018 was the fourth hottest year on record. Earth has been warming up for decades. The last five years are the hottest five years on record… And the last four were all more than 1 degree Celsius warmer than the 19th Century average. A warmer climate contributes to… melting polar ice and mountain glaciers, rising sea levels, more severe droughts, longer fire seasons. NASA and NOAA work together to study the temperature from weather stations, ships and buoys in the ocean, and Antarctic research stations. [NASA]

Daniel Ostrander

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67 thoughts on “2018 Was the Fourth Hottest Year on Record

  1. Nikhil Singh says:

    Best information from you Thanks for that

  2. Hello Headcrab says:

    Fake news

  3. Agusta Sister says:

    Not true…by half.

  4. dave [hodl] matherly says:

    hide the decline, you're doing it well.

  5. sv100029 calais says:


  6. kiss my dirty ass says:

    U fooling me??tropical its GOLDILUUUUCKZZZZSSSS

  7. kiss my dirty ass says:

    Abundant of eveything!!everything

  8. Tine Furlan says:

    You could at least use AE projection, it would make so much more sense.

  9. Jennifer Isaacs says:

    Potholer54 has some good videos using data from scientists. Thanks scientists for making things better, and keeping an eye on things to inform of facts.

  10. Messaggero says:

    We don't believe you anymore

  11. Cloud Stratus says:

    Anti-intellectualism has won, it's too late now.

  12. Sailboat Diaries says:

    Warmer temperatures are also correlated with higher species diversity. They never tell you that one! Warmer is healthier, unless you're focused only on the humans.

  13. Upgrayedd says:

    Nice advertisement, now you can proceed to window number 3 to collect your dirty money

  14. Александр Конышев says:

    what is the average annual temperature of the atmosphere on Earth? if the entire atmosphere is collected in one container, what will be its temperature?

  15. illustrator Artist says:

    Sad see that (

  16. motor head1 says:

    Many Comments show total lack of knowledge education of science. Scary.
    All point to local weather events and ignore ocean temperature rise.
    Goofy radio shock jocks work for oil gas energy interest s politicized climate science. Gore did more damage by releasing that movie.

    Now it has become a left versus right mindless arguments both mostly ignored science.

    Majority of Science showed Gmo foods harmless and lefty reject this .
    Righties believe global warming is a liberal conspiracy…
    Both pick and choose what they want to believe and not what majority of science shows.

    Bread and circuses rule us…not rational educated science. Shalom

  17. Jesse Hicks says:

    This just in, the climate has been changing for 500 million years!

  18. Dan White says:

    Plants love it

  19. Erner Werkhardt says:

    The sun is going to run out of fuel from all this global warming!

  20. Pancho Villa says:

    Ever since global warming=$$$ , every year is the hottest

  21. Thibault Deflers says:

    Fourth hottest? 2017 was third hottest, 2016 second hottest… So why don't you simply say temperatures are dropping for 4 years despite carbon dioxide concentration still increasing? Please stop playing with people's fear and get back to science NASA! You won't be able to manipulate people any longer…

  22. Botha Lissom says:

    There are bigger things to worry about.

  23. One Speed says:

    Didn't realize they had those amazing weather & climate satellites & instruments in the 1800s

  24. sullyz girl89 says:

    More of the lie ehh. Actually coldest ever over last 65million years earth has been cooling.

  25. Timothy L. ove says:

    Look up El Nino

  26. Monty Blaze says:

    Stupid ……
    well show the world viewers ? the last 200,000, 2 – million, 20 – million , 200 – million, 2 – billon. you catch my drift !!!
    To stupid to understand it's the short story research ? it's the long story research that counts ?
    here today ~ gone tomorrow ( :

  27. USS Anime DD24 says:

    This is depressing

  28. Plum Ber says:

    How much of this change is natural and how much is do to geoengineering I wonder

  29. Jeremiah Shane Harris THCA says:


  30. maxcap60 says:

    Why is the sun acting so weird? Do we have sunspot records going way back enough to see any patterns?

  31. Arthur Thegreat says:

    We are at state now with climate arguments that scientific method dont work anymore, theres only one truth now and everyone who dare to question data will be burned as a witch on late middleage style.

  32. FortheLuIz says:

    If we could just change daylight savings it would solve everything.

  33. The Ender Golem says:

    Damn the comments are disappointing

  34. Cobalt Foxpaw says:

    The comment section of NASA videos always a fun thing to read, so much people debating without trying to solve common problems.

  35. Henni Ouerdane says:

    The further you go back in time, the less and less accurate. It is a shame that error bars cannot be shown; without this, it is obvious that part of this nice looking movie is rather meaningless. No mention at all on how the averages are down over years have been calculated, etc. The only data that can be trusted would be that of the recent years. The rest is just poor extrapolation, unless proved otherwise.

  36. Matheus Myuri says:

    based 1850 forward …. and before? only 170 years? Simple, it is cycles.

  37. Mariano Sánchez says:

    Believe or not: fascist president of Brazil says that climate change is an invention of something called "cultural marxists studies" or sth. like that. No hope. Say goodbye to Amazonia.

  38. Antonio AMF says:

    Looking at the "satellite photos" is amazing as they show the temperatures in 1880 is of an unbelievable accuracy !!! is there something wrong, has some slight interest behind it !!!

    The narrative that the world will end is historical, each era is a different reason!!!




  40. Frank Einstein says:

    -50 degrees like Yesterday in the USA.
    Must be the Global Warming.

  41. CanaryLogic Studios says:

    They're saying it like it's a bad thing. Climate change is natural. Back in the Jurassic era CO2 levels were upwards of 1000+ PPM and CO2 makes up a tiny amount of our atmosphere. We'd be asphyxiating long before it could have an effect on our climate. Also, volcanoes spew out tons of CO2 in a short time!

  42. Tom Rooney says:

    Good! I can't wait for Summer. Ice sucks!

  43. Daaronski 21 says:

    The question before was is global warming happening; the question now is are we the ones who speed up the process.

  44. Tim Conley says:

    just TELL me WHY the "OTHER" planets in OUR solar system ARE getting hotter< they are brighter Because Pressure which is in DIRECT correlation Temperature…..You must Tell , NEMESIS …..IS…..COMING!!! Just tell us why the planets are getting hotter,why there are SOOOOO many FIRE BALLS in our skys,EARTHQUAKES everywhere,VOLCANOES erupting more than ever before??? I'ts GOING to be a sight to behold……..AND the last sat that was launched was a nice touch!!!

  45. Hambone says:

    thank you. always appreciative of the fabulous content <3

  46. # Snowman says:

    Nasa you should be fast with habitating mars before were melt to death

  47. motor head1 says:

    Prof. Donald Sadoway MIT

  48. 811Thunder says:

    What about the gaining ice in Greenland and Antarctica and record cold observed temperatueres in some areas during 2018?

  49. Jiří Matouš says:

    Earth Is new Venus. 😂😂😂😭😲😲😭😭

  50. Jiří Matouš says:

    This Is no good.

  51. Vera H says:

    great report. thanks for posting the video!

  52. Graham Smith says:

    So 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record. Temperatures must be going down then or it would have been the hottest! Global cooing anybody?

  53. cyx7 says:

    Build a wall on the border between us and the sun.

  54. Robert Schulz says:

    Not if you live in Wisconson

  55. bBrain says:

    Man, that's a lot of fuzzy data manipulation. LoL come on guys. There is literally nothing that can be done about it because it's based on the sun and natural earth systems. Volcanos, fires, etc. One large volcano could put us back to the mini ice age. Seriously. One. 2nd, even if CO builds up, it will at some point hit a threshold and decline, for all we know it's a cycle that's happened thousands of times. Why isn't any of this ever mentioned? I mean it's not like you want to kill off all the people save for 500 million right?

  56. Some Dule says:

    what record you talking about? 150 year even less record?! that's nothing, how arrogant to presume we all know the earth's age and stages, stupid

  57. Evolution Inc. says:

    I can actually agree –
    In the UK we had about three months with almost no rain at all. Reservoirs were also almost completely empty. The country literally turned brown in satellite photos. Not to mention that we've barely had a winter – Plants are blossoming in February. We're screwing with the planet, and that's a fact. To all the climate change deniers – Would you rather risk your OWN planet, or your ego?

  58. zentanith says:

    Which means the earth has been cooling over the last 3 years.

  59. Black Dove's Youtube Channel says:

    Good to see more propaganda from our former space agency.

  60. Faceofthesun says:

    But the Earth is heading towards another ice age due to planetary precession, it might even be a good thing if it is a bit warmer, because it's going to get very cold. It's already happening. Record cold weather in the USA.

  61. kurwitz says:

    Venus 2 is coming soon

  62. Kmel Blel says:


  63. Tommi Rautio says:

    Do you use fossilefuels in your aeroplanes when you fly to Antarctic and Arctic areas?

    Of cource you fly to Antarctic during october and march and to Arctic during april and september cause otherwise there is too cold and you need diesel generators to keep Lockheeds engines warm enough.

  64. Bill Bour says:

    I think the caption at the :35 mark should read "And the last four were all more than 1 degree Celsius warmer than the 20th Century average (not 19th century)

  65. Jill Marie says:

    The universe is always trying to kill us. Your cells are dying and aging every second. It could be depressing if you forget to live. Many monotheistic and polytheistic religions have aided people to take arms against reality to create a supernatural fictional world. It’s so much more fulfilling to align with reality and see the wonder in the brevity. We are children of the Earth and it’s are role to protect the Earth for as long as we can.

  66. spex357 says:

    I reckon Eric the Red thought it was the warmest year ever on record, then look what happened, starved to death.

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