16 Brand New Words added to the Dictionary in the New Year (2018) – Free English Lessons

16 Brand New Words added to the Dictionary in the New Year (2018) – Free English Lessons

Hello everybody, you’re with me Ceema bringing
you yet another very interesting lesson. Since we’re trying to learn English and learn new
ways of saying different things, we need to come up with new words. Don’t you think?
As a matter of fact, the English language is constantly growing. This is because new
words are being introduced from new technology, science, finance, recent pop culture and even
from foreign languages. I had fun trying out some new words that have found their way into
the dictionary. I know you’ll enjoy learning them too. So let’s see what they are and how
you can use them. Now our first word is shruggie. Now all of
you are probably using WhatsApp or Facebook on your phone or say the computer and frankly,
it’s made us a little bit lazy. Don’t you think? Well you know when we are happy, we
just send out a little smiley to show that we are smiling. Well, a shruggie is a little
bit different but works on the same principle. So just like the smiley, a shruggie is an
emoticon indicating that a person is shrugging. A shrug basically is a gesture that is performed
by lifting both shoulders and hands up. This gesture shows that you don’t know the answer
to something or that you don’t really care about something. So when is Tom Hank’s new
movie getting released? Are we going to take the math class next Tuesday? You don’t care.
So you could write a sentence saying, I texted a shruggie to my mother who asked me, what
I wanted for lunch. Our next word is normie. Now this refers to
an ordinary or a normal person. A person who believes in popular opinion. So Tom is a normie
because he is a regular Facebook user. So this guy here maybe now has taken up vegetarianism
because that’s what everyone’s talking about. He’s not really thought about it for himself
before indulging in something like that. That’s why he’s a normie, an ordinary person believing
in popular opinion without really thinking everything through for himself.
Okay, so just as people who give up drinking become sober. A person who gives up smoking
or nicotine use becomes smober. I think that smober is a really cool new word to learn.
I’m pleased to say that I have always been smober. I would encourage everyone out there
to be smober, to do the same thing that I’ve done.
Okay, so here’s another word that you can probably guess the meaning of. It’s called
horosceptic. Okay, let me help you get this. A sceptic is someone who finds it difficult
to believe in something. So for example, you tell me that I can learn to play the guitar
in 2 days, I’ll be sceptic, I’ll find that hard to believe, honestly. so, a horosceptic
is, I think you’re getting it now, go on, yes, a person who does not believe in horoscopes
or criticizes this kind of belief. How many of you are horosceptics? I am, if any more
of you are, please let me know, it’s good to know people who are like minded.
Now, our next word is, a rather strange one, it’s called hand sauce. Now, this is a new
word that is used very often for a hand sanitizer. Hey there, my hands are dirty, pass me the
hand sauce. Sounds funny, I know but this one’s also pretty much made its way into
the dictionary. Now, when you’re walking in a mall or sitting
in a restaurant, it’s just impossible to not look at a group of people taking what we previously
called a group selfie. This is now called a usie, which is a group selfie where a photo
of a group is taken by one of the people who were also in the picture. So you could say
that in school, Jill loves taking usies with her classmates.
Okay, our next word is, woman, spreading. As you probably guess, it relates to something
a woman does. Okay, so some women have this annoying habit of sitting in public transportation
like maybe a bus or a train with their belongings all around them. In such a way, that there
is no room for anyone to take the seats around them. I wonder why this is more related to
women and not men. I think it’s because we carry more bags, unlike the men? I somehow
don; t like this word so much but you can go ahead and use it for yourself. So in a
sentence, you could say that we discourage woman spreading in public transportation.
Alright, now some people, as you may know, are photogenic. They look really good in photographs
but who takes photos? It’s all about selfies now, isn’t it? So our new word, selfiegenic,
not photogenic but selfiegenic is someone who looks good in selfies. I don’t take selfies
but I know a lot of you watching are definitely selfiegenic.
The world today is obsessed with money, beauty, fame and Donald Trump. Well, propaganda or
information relating to Donald Trump or his office is now actually known by a new word.
It is called Trumpaganda. So with the next US elections, we’re going to face a lot of
Trumpganda, whether you like it or not. Now if you are developing a nice little friendship
with that cute guy in your class and you’re scared to talk to him in person, chances are
that you might try to contact him via the internet, instant messaging or any other kind
of social media. What you are entering into is called an Elationship, which is a relationship
that exists only trough electronic media. So how many of you are in an Elationship with
the girl next door? As internet users, we all know what a meme
is. For those who don’t, a meme is a funny image or a video or a text that is copied
and spread across the internet on Facebook or WhatsApp. So our new word memer, naturally
refers to a person who makes or uses memes very often. So you could say something like,
my contacts on the phone are full of memers. Well that’s really natural now, isn’t it?
Do you know people who don’t seem to grow up? I mean they are all nice and big physically
but their behaviour belies their age. That’s because they behave like little children.
So here’s a new word for them. It’s called kadult referring to a person who is technically
an adult due to age but still acts like a child. So you could say something like, my
25-year-old brother is really a kadult. Now this word makes me very happy and I’m
glad to have learnt it. This is because. I’m very close to my cousins and a couple of my
few friends. Sometimes I can’t tell which is which? So, the new word I am talking about
is called, frousin. this can be used for a friend that is a cousin or a cousin that is
a friend. this is a very close relationship that you’ll have with a person as far as family
or friendships go. so you could say, Maya and I have been frousins for almost ten years
now. now I just learnt that people are now investing
in something new called the Bit coin and they are going crazy about it. I for sure don’t
even know what the big deal about Bit coin is all about but there is a word for these
people. yes, these crazy people are called Bitheads, that is people who are investors
obsessed with the current Bit coin craze. are you a Bithead?
do you know what a high five is? of course you do but what if I told you to give me a
high five with both hands, then it would technically not be a high five because using two hands
means showing ten fingers right? so here’s a new word for it. it’s called ten-up. this
is a high five made with both hands. so I can say something like, Daniel gave me a ten-up
when he scored the first goal. now a lot of times, many people including
myself accidentally end up calling people. smart phones these days can do that to you.
in any case, this error is known by a new word. this new word is called accidial or
the act of dialling someone’s phone number on your phone accidentally. the other day,
I accidialled my boss at 5 am. that was quite embarrassing.
so I hope these are some fun words that you’ve liked as much as I did. you can use them in
your day to day conversations because as you can see, they deal with things we use and
talk about every single day. if you have new words to add to this list, please write into
us. I’ll see you soon with some more fun lessons and yes as always do not forget to like the
video, subscribe to the channel an click on the bell icon so that you don’t miss on updates
of videos that are made only to help you. take care and keep practising.

Daniel Ostrander

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