15 second search tip: Dictionary

15 second search tip: Dictionary


Daniel Ostrander

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8 thoughts on “15 second search tip: Dictionary

  1. cattrain says:

    define:word gives better results

  2. dhavald says:

    This is dumb. I know about this feature since ages. Can't believe Google is recommending 'define' instead of 'define:'. The latter makes a lot of difference – saves a click, saves time and shows multiple definitions right there on the results page.

  3. Kaitlyn Schneider says:

    if you stop reading now bad things will happen,

    4 months ago a girl was found dead at her computer dripping in water, she was still signed in to her youtube account and had not forwarded this message. copy and paste this message to five other videos before sunset

  4. HQFOX2 says:

    what if you try: define: define ???ROFL

  5. Shabir Parwaz says:

    @TerminatorOverlord it's their own sketches made to avoid using other people's music and paying them for copyright..

  6. Vishal Talreja says:

    HAHa Google.. please jus give enuf tym Time to like ua videos n subscribe u..

  7. Tonya Dolen says:

    This is py helprul, ty

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