11 Ways to Fill Your Notebooks 💭

My favorite way to fill up a journal is to
do stream of consciousness writing. This is my morning pages journal where I write
in it every morning. It’s basically letting your thoughts flow
onto paper without filtering yourself. Trust me, it’s like the best thing ever. I love it. You can also keep an evening journal. I love to keep this by my bed so that I could just brain-dump all of my
ideas and emotions before I go to sleep. That way I could go to bed with some peace
of mind. You could also keep a notebook of your monthly
highlights. At the end of the month, I’ll review what happened and just jot down
the highlights of that past month: people that I saw, places that I went, just
so that, at the end of the year, I can look back and see my year at a glance. I also love to keep a gratitude, joy, and
success journal. About once a week, I’ll sit down and write down the things that
I’m grateful for, things that brought me joy during the week, or little victories that
I could celebrate with myself. This is something I’ve shared before. It’s called “Current Me VS. Future Me”. What you do is: on one side of the page, you
paint the picture of who you are at the moment, and then on
the other side of the page, you paint a picture of who you want to be,
who your ideal self is. And it’s a really great way to just evaluate
your goals and how to get to where you want to be. You could also keep notebooks just to doodle
and express your creativity in different visual ways. I always have random doodles here and there. I also love to keep a notebook just for poetry
and songwriting. So if I ever have ideas for pretty words or
verses, then I’ll put them down in this notebook. I’ll also put down chord progressions and
ideas for melodies, and just play around with that kind of stuff
here. If you’re lucky enough to travel, you can
definitely keep a separate notebook for your travels. This was my travel notebook when I went to
study abroad in Italy. And I kept little receipts from here and there. I have this brochure from when I went to see Lang Lang play at
the theater. And it’s a really nice way to kind of scrapbook but also journal all
of your memories while you’re there. And you could see here, I listed out all the
cities that I visited in that semester. It was amazing. This was my notebook for taking notes when
I’m learning something new, specifically when I’m taking online classes
or I’m watching online tutorials. I like to have a notebook just for things
that I’m learning so that I can always go back and reference
my notes. I also love having notebooks for planning
and scheming. I don’t know how else to describe these notebooks, but
it’s just the place where I plan and organize all of my ideas and my creative
projects. That’s a timeline from my Honestly album. And later on I have plans on this app that
I was working on. And then I have plans on Lavendaire, before
I even started the blog and the YouTube. I kind of had it all planned out, just how
it worked in a system. And then I have different mindmaps. This is flowchart of a short film that I was
working on. Just any projects or creative ideas that I
have, I love to just put it down on paper and organize it. Lastly, this is a journal for random, free-flowing
art. I’ve been learning to watercolor and I just decided that this is a journal
that I’m just gonna make a mess in. I don’t care, I just want to blah, throw up
on the page just so I can express myself and play with no judgment. Just literally wreck this journal. I hope you liked these ideas on ways to fill
your notebooks. By the way, I have an entire journaling playlist which
I’ll link below and on the screen, so check that out if you’re interested. Thank you so much for watching. Love you all. Bye!

Daniel Ostrander

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