10 за и 10 против Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 2018 II Правда

10 for and 10 against Analog MacBook xiaomi Mac Book Air 2018
Tube 150. Motor !! Hello everyone, you are on the channel, and today, as always, I will briefly and briefly tell you about the Chinese replica of the apple macbook xiaomi air 13 inches. And as always, my review will be brief succinct and fast without further ado. Well, for a start spoiler – it is in a certain sense a bottom, but I do not regret for a second that I bought it. Rushed. Pluses of this laptop
The first download speed is simply enchanting. In almost pure form, it takes only 6 seconds to load. And it’s easy to explain. SSD drive 8 gigov operatives and vidyaha on 2 hectares MX150 what else is needed for a quick start? The second price is not even going to say who goes first at the closest price according to these characteristics. I get the impression that xiaomi just steal iron and then sell a laptop with it … this whole business cannot be profitable … although everything can be set up like that so that you later buy rugs for 20 bucks and clavs for 200 … who knows … not all sat down on an apple either The third plus is the speed …. hundreds of reviews … thousands of opinions .. but the laptop draws such games in which it should burn. And it renders with a speed that is enough for vidos with no effects. I will not compare. You can play everything without lags, if not with the top settings. The drive is worth it – just fire, read speed … write speed ….
Fourth plus build quality. No there is not so everything is tailored as in the poppy. But this is not a review comparison. For some, the touchpad is not very well fixed. For others. The twisting test is not as good as you want. For me, everything is fine. In the category of up to $ 1,000 for ultrabooks with which it is of build quality, it is better not to find it even if you throw another $ 500. Fifth style. Who else will not leave the label on the lid? Who will not paint yusbi three zero blue in order for the computer to look stylish? Two color options. And smoothly go to the sixth paragraph.
The sixth plus is accessories. Not only is it cheap. That the mouse is only 1200 rubles in color, a metal rug for 1000 and an original cover for 1200. Not to mention the conductors and power cables and the rest of the buns. And from this plus smoothly go to the seventh plus The seventh is charging. Not only that in the second version of the laptop it is just a microscopic size, it consists of two parts – it is the cable type cable, so the laptop also has the function of a quick charge of half an hour – 50 percent – an hour 100 percent. Eighth plus – Sound. I am ready despite the fact that there is no mat on my channel and in life I speak it only at work. But to tell the three storey all that I think about the experienced individuals of the RuNet, that the akg columns in it are, in their opinion, full of trash. They are lying. Just xiaomi doesn’t pay anyone at all. So they lie. The speakers are screaming so you will think that you bought a portable GI Ale. Loud. Understandable. Bass available – nothing is cut off. In short – the film can be viewed without problems.
Ninth plus screen. He is just a phantasmagoric … so that you understand a little how epic it is – the resolution at 13 inches is shdy and let those who need 4k go to the forest – they sell graphic stations from 100 k and ponitors for 30k. For a budget for the price but at the same time, the highest quality of the laptop is pixel density in 166 resolution is 1920 by 1080 dots per inch and the brightness in 375 candel is just unrealistically cool. And let the screen glossy BUT, you understand that this is a fee for a burning voice.
The tenth plus is the number of ports that it is equipped with. Yes, one of the two outputs is a type of charge charge. Ports, albeit not sufficiently recessed, and it infuriates a bit. But I’m talking about the pros. Add to everything – RAM, let’s single-channel but DDR 4, Samsung ssd, fingerprint scanner and touchpad, which is better than all touchpads that are not apple children. Keyboard backlight. The ability to charge the laptop, though not from all the power banks, but from the power banks, the xiaomi can be charged. Of course, he passes the apple cap test with one hand. His case is almost not scratched. Superb gesture control from the touchpad. Short and very comfortable keyboard. There is a card reader ___ () YES, even Minnie Jack is in it! And it is unreal cool !!!! And I remind you that vidyaha is discrete in it (who does not know it means external) and not like most notebooks have an internal one. And now we come to the most important thing. You do remember that I talk about things that I buy myself and myself. By the way, I bought this laptop in Russia. Where to buy on Ali in the description I will leave. But this is for you as a guideline for the price. I, as always, do not approve anything to anyone. Who is not signed – subscribe here only quick brief and capacious reviews. And among the subscribers, a fitness bracelet is played out every two weeks – mi band 3 and onor band 4 wounds edishen. Enough subscription necessarily open like Kololchik and any comment to any video. Go ahead.
Minuses The first minus is the glare screen. Yes, it is a fee for strength. But the fact remains. On the street, he will work with flour.
The second minus with serious loads roars just sooooo much. About how my game Azus. Eh – this is a warm abstraction Thirdly, the rather pahadic illumination is sure that if there is no Russian engraving, it is not noticeable – but as soon as you get it, you will understand what I am talking about. Fourth – the temperature under load. And I do not plagiarize. I noticed how long this laptop can fry an egg is ___ minutes. And you can grab on this clave without external – but the temperature after twenty minutes of the game, in the literal sense, comes to endure. Fifth, you can turn off the backlight ___ but every time after the reboot, it will turn on again. Here is such a sadness. And while I do not know how to win it.
Sixth, if you buy a laptop in China, then you will have a Chinese version of Windows with only one language ___ Chinese. And either you buy the extension, or you will have to reinstall it. As well as engrave on clave. The seventh is how the laptop quickly charges and quickly discharges. No claimed 9 o’clock. Only 5 / This is such a sadness. The problem with autonomy is complete. It is good that it can work from a power bank. The eighth minus. And for this, I quietly hate the laptop. Soldered RAM. And this is just unreal sadness. Buy 4 gig no longer put. Expansion is possible only with memory, there is a free slot for a msata into it, you can insert either a memory or shove a 4ji modem. The tenth minus is the screen size. And I understand that it is a matter of the screen resolution – everything just I indicated in one of the points at the pluses that this is a fee for autonomy, and even though I bought this laptop for my wife & even she noticed that it was rather inconvenient for him to go after my 17 inch. Very much small windows. And even this is not a minus, but probably the fact that this is a replica of the MacBook is very high quality, but you understand that it is like a fake of a daughter and a gaban. and it seems like Zara, I do not know … I hope you understand. And you liked the review.
I recommend a laptop. There are questions about it – write. What to do reviews, write to comments. And what to tell about new xiaomi headphones, too, write – they are in my hands and I already saw them review

Daniel Ostrander

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