☑️ #20 How To Install WordPress In DigitalOcean Droplet?

☑️ #20 How To Install WordPress In DigitalOcean Droplet?

Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we
are going to check how we can install WordPress in DigitalOcean droplet. So
in this first of all we need to make certain changes in the configuration
file of Nginx again and then we will proceed ahead in installing WordPress. So the configuration file of Nginx is /etc/nginx/sites-available/default. Alright so as we know before making any changes we should take a backup of this
file, make it rename with some name. Alright so once this done you can just
open the file again and then you can move back to the document. Now need to
add this block of code now what this block of code does is, it basically turns
off the logging for these requests like which is favicon robot.txt and the
all the files related to dot extensions like CSS, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, JS and
PNG so you can just copy this block of code and probably you can insert here
only right-click and paste you can just do some formatting. Alright. Perfect so this is a change that we need
to do in Nginx configuration and we can quickly test the syntax if in case
something went wrong it is perfect. So just reload the Nginx service. Perfect so the configuration changes is perfectly done here. The next step is
that we need to install some packages related to PHP which are required when
we install WordPress, so just copy this line and it will install the packages
required to install WordPress which are dependent on it. Enter. You can type in yes. Enter. Alright so it’s installed. So now the next thing is that we need to restart PHP service because we have installed new packages, so the effects should
take into account. Alright so now we can move to our application directory
where we would be installing WordPress. So we can easily get WordPress from this
command done, it’s came. Now we can extract the zip file of WordPress that
we downloaded. This is also done. Now we can move that file the content inside
WordPress to our application path. Perfect so this is also done. Now we can
remove the junk which is there which we downloaded which is not required anymore. So now we need to change the permissions for this particular path so that we
don’t find any issue while installing plugins or installing themes etc. So just
change the permission this is also done. Now we need to login to our database
and type in the password for your database. Alright so now we need to
create a database for your WordPress. Now, you can change this name also you can have some other name per database as well that’s not a issue, in this case
because I’m using a test website I’m just creating with this database name only. Enter. Now we need to create a user for that database, now if you are
doing it for your production website you should not have these common type of
user names, I am just doing it because it’s just a test website and you should
probably change this user that you have here to something else okay and I’m just
giving the password as password here for now but you should put a strong password here because this is just my tests website and not worried about that much
so just enter and the next thing is just to refresh the tables by using this
command and you can easily exit. Done. So, the basic requirements to configure and install WordPress is done now you can jump to your website and press enter and
we’ll come up with a page to setup so you can select your language and click
on continue and it says that, it says we know all these think this I think you
already know you can click on let’s go and these things are already there I
think. The only change that we have to make is
that the username for our is this that we give here, all right so rest remain
will say because WordPress database was WordPress only. Username was this
so we have to change it here. Password I kept to this password for now and it’s
perfect, so now we can click on submit. Then we can click on run the
installation. Alright so now it is on this page so you can just give a site
title I can give it as my domain name. You can give a user name for now I’m
giving admin you can give some other name also and you can give a strong
password here alright and you can give your email address here and just directly
click on install WordPress. Alright so it has basically installed we can now
key login and the password that you had login. Alright so we are basically
logged into WordPress and we have installed WordPress for our website and
we are on the dashboard of WordPress. So, these were basic steps that we had to
follow to install WordPress and DigitalOcean droplet. In the next tutorial,
we are going to check how to configure gzip module in Nginx on DigitalOcean droplet.

Daniel Ostrander

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